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RE: Gitabhashya

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon Mar 22 1999 - 17:10:16 PST

Dear members,

Both books M.R Sampath kumaran ( MRS) and Swami Adidevananda (SA) are 
somewhat tough to read since the english translations are complicated, more 
so with M.R Sampathkumaran's book than Swami Adidevananda's.  However, a 
summary of Ramanuja Bhasya by S.S Raghavachar - "Ramanuja on Gita" 
available from Ramakrishnashrama press anywhere or Vivekananda Vedanta 
society, is a great book for starters who just want a quick essence or  Sri 
Ramanuja Bhasya.  However, sentence to sentence translation is provided in 
MRS and SA.

Krishna Kalale

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Dear friends,
I have a copy of M. R.  Sampathkumar's book published by Anantacharya
Indological Research Institute, G.D. Somani Memorial Building, Cuffe 
Bombay 400 005. It has the Sanskrit moolam. It is one of the most authentic
translations I have seen. If you have someone in Madras, I think, you can
arrange to get it from Jayalakshmi Book Depot in Mylapore.
Anbil Ramaswamy