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Parathvam of Sriman Narayanan

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Mon Mar 22 1999 - 16:23:55 PST


Dearest Sri Rajan Srinivasan,

This refers to your last para of your post (on Soundharyalahari). 

Your wrote: 

Why our religion has many Gods and why Bhagawatas should compare notes? I am
not very sure if I have framed my query properly. But I am sure everyone
will appreciate the confusion in the minds of an ordinary person like me.

interpretation of Vedic truths and sruthis that have given rise to. Have no
doubts - not even an iota of suspicion. You are a prince, dear! Your
ancestors have inherited a great treasure. Don't feel great thinking that
you are the rich begger among beggers. "HasthimE hasthisailaagrE vasthu
paithaamaham dhanam" 

VyAsar wrote Vedantha sUthram, wherein he ascertained the supremacy of
Sriman Narayna in his sUtram, and raised his hands above his head three
times and proclaimed that Sriman Narayna is the Parathvam. (sathyam sathyam
punas sathyam ....vedAs saastrA param deivam kEsavaath param).
This sUtram was detailed and commented to a great extent by BhOdhAyanar in
his Brahma sUthram. After BrahmasUthram, Brahmanandhi (dunkar, Dhramidar,
GuhadEvar) had also written purports for Brahma sUthram but are lost
somewhere and are not available for us unfortunately.  (Brahma sUthram was
later unearthed and studied by Sri RamanujA and understood for his
establishing the VishishtAdvaitaic traditions.) Sri Ramanujar established
and re-organised the Sri VaishNava SiddhAntham and explained the conflicts
and wrong interpretations in other SiddhAnthams and in other religions. Our
AchArya Paramparai (Guru Parampara) traces back to Sriman Narayanan and
MahAlakshmi Themselves and is associated with such Greatest sampradayam. The
Siddhaantham of AchArya RamanujA is an unambiguous most accurate
interpretation of all Vedic statements- I repeat ALL VEDIC STATEMENTS, with
no contradictions to sruthis. It is our Dearest Sri Ramanujacharya whose Sri
Sookthis have thrown light on ALL VEDIC DOCTRINES and interpreted most
accurately. (listen to the upanyaasam of Srimad Andavan of Pundareekapuram
Ashramam on Yathiraja Sapthathi (released in 7 audio cassettes)

Sriman NarayaNan along with His consort Sri MahAlakshmi alone is the God
(Deivam). He is the Primordial Chief. He is the Chief of all dEvAs,
including Sivan and BrahmA. Vedas proclaim that Sriman NarayaNan is the
ParamAthmA, PeramporuL and ParanjOthi. VedAs also say that except Him all
including dEvas, Sivan, BrahmA and Indran are all jIvans. Being born a
SrivaishNavA and/or a bhakthA of Sriman NarayaNA, we need not worship other
devatAs. We are related to the Great King Himself; why to go and beg the
army chief, minister or the Gate keeper?

VedAs and SaastrAs say that even to think of Sivan and BrahmA and other
dEvas as equal to God is a great sin (mahApaapam). For that matter, Sivan
and BrahmA themselves are great bhaktAs of Sriman NarayaNA. It is due to
their triguNa sambhandham (like rajO, thamas and sathva guNAs) Sivan gets
into the enemy's (asurA- bhANAsura's) side. Our Sriman narayana is of Pure
Suddha Sathvam. 

When GajEndrA shouted for help "AdhimoolamE!" (Primordial Chief!) it is NOT
any name of God, he called-please note! It is just calling the Primordial
Chief, the first one- the Parathvam! Nobody dared come claiming for
"Adhimoolam" post, it is our Sweet Lord Sriya: Pathih Sriman Naraynan who
appeared IMMDIATELY on GarudA and saved the elephant. You may tell that it
is only the name and rose by any name will smell as sweet. But it is vEdAs
(which are eternal and apaurushEyam) that proclaim that Sriman Naraynana is
the Supreme Godhead. It is not just a name. It is kaaraNa peyar; name with a
meaning in it; naaram + ayaNam is Narayanan. (You need to study this Divine
name of Narayana and His meanings under the Feet of your AchAryan). 

Hence, we should pay obeisance to only Sriman Narayanan. We are His Seshan
(servants). Even uttering His name alone will yield tremendous benefits both
in this world and in the next. ( Sivan, himself tells Parvathi to utter Rama
naamam, when enquired by her as to which is equal to the Thousand names of
VishNu. - Do we need any other proof?) 

For us, only vEdAs are the moola pramaaNam. (The proof). VedAs were not
created by anybody. They are apaurushEyam. Vedas proclaim the Glories of
Emperumaan Sriman NarayaNan.

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan