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RE: Selva Pillai, late offering to the Lord

From: Rangarajan S R (
Date: Mon Mar 22 1999 - 00:50:53 PST

Srimate Sri Lakshminrusimha ParabrahmaNE namaha
Sri Lakshminrusimha divya pAdukA sEvaka SrivaNN -
SatakOpa Sri nArAyaNa yateendra mahAdESikAya namaha

>But why so late in morning instead of the Bharma muhutham ?? We ask. The
>cold weather at Thiru Narayana puram gives an interesing insight which can
>be captured as follows

> 	 Emperuman thiru mani( trancedental body) is so tender. 
> How tender
> ??
> 		If a flower floats on water, how soft should it be( the
> lotus flower )
> 		If a person sits on such a lotus, how much more tender
> should be her thirumeni( Periya Piratti)
> 		If this Periya Piratti with her tender palms 
> gently massages
> Emperumans thiruvadi( reverved feet) and
> 			the thiruvadi became very very red, how tender
> should be this thiruvadi...
> 		If this thiruvadi itself is so tender, what to 
> speak of his
> thirumeni.....
> 	The Servitors ponders, so soft is his thirumeni that it 
> will catch
> cold if we wake him so early in the morning. 
> 	The Servitors decides, we will wake him when it is warm...

Thanks for the wonderful explanation.

This is the Servitor's point of view.

As I understand, Emperuman's point of view is different.

The present Azhagiasingar explained this beautifully in his thiruppavai upanyasm

recentlly in a different context and I was fortuante to hear it.

It is beleived that Emperuman does not like those flowers 
that have thorns protruding around them.

Some people may think that this is becuse of HIS extremely soft thirumeni.
Actually, it is because HE does not want HIS devotees to
try and pluck these flowers and get pricked in the process!!

Similarly I guess Selva Pillai does not want to expose his dear devotees 
to the cold weather at Thiru Narayana puram in the early mornings.

A clear example of HIS compassion and concern to his devotees.