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Re: Digest bhakti.v003.n304

From: V.Srimahavishnu (
Date: Sun Mar 21 1999 - 08:13:13 PST

   Dear BhAgavatas,
                 namO namah.the very first mail of mine in the
last digest is a reply to Sri Sudarsan's mail, to some extent.

> If he does not like Sankara's poetry that's his privilege.

  Did I say so?

>  But to me and 
> several millions of people in the world the "bhaja-govindam" and the 
> "soundarya-lahari" are exquisite works of Sanskrit. It gives them joy. 
> It revives their spirits. It gives them hope in their daily lives.

 well, there can be many atheists,many devotees of different demi-gods,
who am I to condemn their faith?
> The "lakshmi-nrsimha karavalamba stotram" does not deserve to be 
> condemned by SriVaishnavas only because it was authored by 'adi' 
> Sankara. Only the smallest of minds, be it SriVaishnava or otherwise, 
> would think so. The hymn is a prayer for relief from the universal 
> affliction of man: Fear. It therefore appeals to all men of all 
> persuasions. Neither Sri. Mahavishnu nor anyone else can change that. 
> Our Lord of Ahobilam Himself has accepted Sankara's magnificent 
> offering. I cannot see what is Mr.Mahavishnu's problem!

  No problem at all. I didn't write a single word against this stOtra.

> Many members have separately sent me e-mail messages wishing me to 
> continue to share with them my appreciation of this stOtra in praise of 
> Lakshmi-nrsimhan. I cannot let them down. I will continue with the 
> blessings of "mAlOlan". 
> Mr.Mahavishnu does not own the bhakti-list. It belongs to the larger 
> community of SriVaishnavas whose hearts are as catholic as their faith.

  I too tried to be catholic by stating that Sankara might not have
written the SlOka that I had found to be highly objectionable.
> Mr.Mahavishnu is welcome to ignore my posts if he wants to and if he 
> doesn't relish them. 

    I enjoyed Sri Sudarasn's translations of lakshmI nrusimha karAvalamba
stOtra and will continue to do so with his kind permission.

    While I admit that I am not the owner of any list(nor I would like
to be),I joined this list
thinking that it is the forum where the  Vaibhavam of SrI and Sriyahpati
VEnkatESan ranganAthan narasimhan SrImannArAyaNan and the SrI sUktis of
SrI nammALwAr, yatirAja-bhagavad-bhAshyakAra rAmAnujar,Thooppul  kulamaNi
  and author of Sata DUshaNi SrI DESikar,prapatti mArga pravartakar SrI
    --------------------------------  ----------------------------------      
JIyar are discussed at length and one can learn a lot.I have benefited a
lot and will continue to benefit by the mercy of mAlOlan and bhAgavatas.
   I have read more than twelve works of Sankara. Not all of them are on
PerumAL. When a work like soundaryalaharI is praised in this forum, how
can one let it go unchallenged?I think this work deserves the sharpest
criticism and strongest condemnation,whoever may be the author(be it
Sankara or his grandpa).also we can't just ignore it or try to intepret it
in some other way because a famous personality like Sankara (allegedly?)
 wrote it.
     I had read a few verses in soundaryalaharI when I was just 18(now 23)
and my faith was not very strong at that moment.By the mercy of
TiruvEngadamudaiyAn, I did not get bewildered  and will never be, again by
the mercy and blessings of the same Person.  
    I strongly believe that this is not the forum where things like
soundaryalaharI, lakshmI gaNapati stOtramAlA, ayyappa mAhAtmyam,
rAvaNAsura's exploits are to be discussed/appreciated.
                            SrI VEnkatESa charaNau SaraNam prapadyE                        
                              Srimahavishnu  Vinjamuri