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Matsya avatara
Date: Sat Mar 20 1999 - 14:59:14 PST

Dear devotees,

The Supreme Lord comes to earth many times and in many Avataras
(incarnations). And the Vedic literature is filled with amazing accounts of
the Lord's incarnations. Lord Matsya, the first of ten primary forms, is known
as an Avatara because He descends from the spiritual world onto the mundane
realm in His own transcendental form. (The Sanskrit word avatara is composed
of the two words-ava (downwards) and tara (passage)-and usually refers to the
descent of a divinity.) According to tradition Sri Matsya Avatar  appeared
aeons ago in the month of Chaitra (sukla 3) corresponding this year to March
20--in the afternoon. 

Visit The Matsya Site to hear about the Lord's mission as Sri Matsya-avatara.

Enjoy your visit.
Gerald S