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Sri.Mahavishnu's outburst

From: sudarshan madabushi (
Date: Fri Mar 19 1999 - 21:57:19 PST

Dear members of the bhakti-list,

I am both surprised and pained by Sri.Mahavishnu's outburst. 

If he does not like Sankara's poetry that's his privilege. But to me and 
several millions of people in the world the "bhaja-govindam" and the 
"soundarya-lahari" are exquisite works of Sanskrit. It gives them joy. 
It revives their spirits. It gives them hope in their daily lives.

The "lakshmi-nrsimha karavalamba stotram" does not deserve to be 
condemned by SriVaishnavas only because it was authored by 'adi' 
Sankara. Only the smallest of minds, be it SriVaishnava or otherwise, 
would think so. The hymn is a prayer for relief from the universal 
affliction of man: Fear. It therefore appeals to all men of all 
persuasions. Neither Sri. Mahavishnu nor anyone else can change that. 

Our Lord of Ahobilam Himself has accepted Sankara's magnificent 
offering. I cannot see what is Mr.Mahavishnu's problem!

Many members have separately sent me e-mail messages wishing me to 
continue to share with them my appreciation of this stOtra in praise of 
Lakshmi-nrsimhan. I cannot let them down. I will continue with the 
blessings of "mAlOlan". 

Mr.Mahavishnu does not own the bhakti-list. It belongs to the larger 
community of SriVaishnavas whose hearts are as catholic as their faith.

Mr.Mahavishnu is welcome to ignore my posts if he wants to and if he 
doesn't relish them. But if he thinks he can by one silly, intemperate 
and bigoted outburst of his frighten me into silence he is sadly 

adiyEn dAsAnu-dAsan,

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