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Re: Origins of the Jiva

From: Krishna Susarla (
Date: Fri Mar 19 1999 - 02:35:19 PST

>So Emperuman, manifests some jivas, makes them forget their essential
>nature(servitude to Sri mann Narayanan) and hence undergo tortures of
>samsaram. Then he himself gives the knowledge about him, by saying you were
>germ is dust touched by the thiruvadi of my devotee in you previous birth,
>and hence you are purified. Giving knowledege about him, Emperuman also
>becomes an archa at temples and accepts the faulty service of such jivas
>finally takes to Sri Vaikuntam under the pretext of such faulty service
>on to him and his pure devotees. This way does he not enjoy his Vatsalyam
>Azhwar says that pushing us into samsara and again getting is back home( at
>Sri Vaikuntam) is again for his enjoyment about which we have no say and
>should accept it unconditionally.

If the karma of the jiivas is beginningless, does this not also imply that
their existence and bondage are also beginningless? Perhaps I misunderstood,
but when you mentioned "pushing us into samsara" and "back home( at Sri
Vaikuntam)" I got the impression that you felt the jiivas were in Vaikuntam
before samsaara -- but that is precisely what I thought the Shri Vaishnavas
do not accept. Samsaara must be beginningless, and it could not have been
the case that the jiivas were in Vaikuntam at any time unless they are
already liberated (in which case they never fall again).


-- K