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Periya Thirumozhi 2.4- ninRaan; irundhaan; kidandhaan; nadandhaan

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Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 22:43:19 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Emperumaan- who shows Himself always with periya PiraaTTI MahAlaksmhi at 
Sri vaishnva sthalams for our enjoyment and removal of our enemies, 
shows Himself in the most graceful form at Thiruneermalai, where 
whatever one aspires or wishes will get them fulfilled by His grace. It 
is situated near Pallavaram (at about 3 km. from Pallavaram) at Madras. 
This is a lovely temple. 

At the base, Moolavar: NeervaNNan, NeelamugilvaNNan, NinRa ThirukkOlam 
(Standing posture). Thaayar: Ani maamalar Mangai. 

On the mountain top: Moolavar 1:(irundhaan- Sitting posture): Saantha 
Narasimhan, facing east; Moolavar 2: (kidandhaan- reclining posture): 
RanganAthan (in MaaNickka Sayanam), facing South (Thayaar: RanganAyaki); 
Moolavar 3: (Nadandhaan- Walking posture): Trivikraman, facing east. 

Prathyaksham: MaarkaNdEyar; Bruhu, ThoNdaimaan; 

Theertham: Ksheera PushkariNi, KaaruNya PushkariNi, Siddha PushkariNi, 
SwarNa pushkariNi (four theerthams); 

VisEsham about this sthalam (idheeham): Sage Valmeeki, had been here and 
went up the hill top, and paid his obeisance to Ranganathan, Narasimhan 
and Trivikraman on the top, and came down. At the base, Valmeeki 
meditated on Lord Rama, and immeditaley, RanganAtha PerumAL appeared as 
Sri Raman, Thaayar appeared as SitA PiraaTTi, AdhisEshan appeared as 
Ilaya perumAL, Sanghu, Chakram appeared as Bharathan and Chathrugnan, 
while VishvaksEnar and Garudan appeared as Sugreevan and Hanumaan in 
front of the Sage. Vaalmeeki prayed to the Lord and requested Him to be 
present there at the base permanently. The Lord stays put as Neer vaNNan 
in ninRa thirukkOlam, along with Thaayaar (in a separate sannidhi). When 
ThirumangaiAzhwAr came here, there were severe floods and the whole hill 
was surrounded by waters (neer) and thus called "neermalai". AzhwAr 
waited for six months to pay his obeisance to the Lord of 
Thiruneermalai. (Is that why there is a place at Madras called AzhwAr 
Thirunagari?- I don't know!) (I have digressed a lot! I am sorry!)

1. "anRu aayar kulak kodiyOdu…. NeermalaiyE" (The Lord who has no mercy 
for asurAs is here at Thiruneermalai!). The Lord, who, when He had 
appeared as KaNNan- joined with Nappinnai PiraaTTi, the beautiful 
creeper of cowherd folks, and with RukmiNi piraaTTi, the incarnate of 
MahAlakshmi, - the Lord who has absolutely no mercy (or compassion) for 
asurAs and rAkshasaas at all times, the Lord who shows Himself in the 
most beautiful archAvathaarams at ThirunaRaiyoor in standing posture, 
reclines at Thirukkudanthai, walks (measures) at ThirukkOviloor, is here 
permanently at Thiruneermalai. 

2. "kaaNdaavanam enbhadhu Or kaadu….. neermalaiyE" (PerumAl got some 
things done through Arjunan and also executed some by Himself!). The 
Lord, who had appeared as KaNNan to destroy the dense forests 
(KaaNdaavanam, that had belonged to Indran earlier) of asurAs with fire; 
who had saved the earth and removed its burden in the KurukshEthra 
battle (by killing the wrong doers). The Lord who had grown huge and 
ferocious as Lord Narasinghan and tore the large chest of hiraNyan into 
two with His sharp hand nails and killed him. The Lord who had walked 
and measured the Universe with His Feet as Trivikraman. Such Greatest 
Lord is here at Thiruneermalai.

3. "alamannu madal suri sangham edutthu…. neermalaiyE" (the Lord 
appeared as Krishnan and reduced the huge burden of the earth!). The 
Lord, who has adorned His most beautiful Divine body, Divine mace, the 
Conch, the ChakrAudham, appeared in front of DuryOdhanaadhis.  The Lord 
who reduced the huge burden of BhUmi piraaTTi, who always lets Her 
senses enjoy the presence of the most beautiful ornaments adorning her 
breasts. How did He reduce her burden? By letting hundreds of asurAs die 
everyday in the battle field of KurukshEthra and by performing wonderful 
thing of hiding the Sun with His ChakrA thereby bringing darkness at the 
unscheduled time. Such Most exquisitely beautiful Lord- is here at 
Thiruneermalai to save the world.

4. "thaangaadhadhor aaLariyaay… neermalaiyE" (theLLiya singham and 
Devaki singham is here at Thiruneermalai!). SarvEshwaran, appeared as 
huge ferocious Lion and killed the Strong hiraNyan and let his dark 
haired beautiful wives enter into the funeral pyre with him. The Lord, 
who did the most wonderful things in the huge, not-at-all-easy-to-win 
battle field: He. The Supreme Parathvam was such a sowlabhyan as KaNNan, 
stooped down to become a close friend of PaaNdavas and stood as their 
chariot driver; He ensured the death of all DuryOdhanaadhis in the great 
battle filed and saved Dhraupathi. (Since she had vowed for their 
deaths!) Such Greatest Parathvam- Sowlabhyan stays at Thiruneermalai!

5. "maalum kadalaara malaikkuvadittu… neermalaiyE" (the rAvaNaanthakan- 
Sri Raman is here at Thiruneermalai!). When rAvaNan was so strong and 
was having an unbeaten record, what our Emperumaan Sri Raman did: He 
placed the huge mountains on the noisy deep ocean waves and built a 
bridge across the vast sea to cross to LankA. He destroyed the beautiful 
tall towers of lankA, that appeared as if they touch the cool moon even, 
by showering arrows in the battle and shatter the whole area with His 
thunderous twangs of the bow and array of arrows . He aimed the 
BrahmAsthram and finished the life of rAvaNan and made the lustrous 
shining ten crowns of rAvaNan fall onto the ground. Thus the Most 
victorious Lord of AyOdhyA - the Dark cloud hued Lord- -Sarva Swami is 
here at Thiruneermalai.

6. ""paaraar ulaghum panimaal varaiyum.. neermalaiyE" -SarvEshawaran 
appeared as ParasurAman and killed victoriously Kaarthaveeryarjunan). 
During the cosmic cycle (praLaya kaalam), Emperumaan had consumed and 
retained in His stomach the huge mountains, the deep, vast oceans, the 
massive universe, the Big Sun and the cool moon - and still He had much 
more space and was not full!- That Most wonderful Swami- My Perumaan did 
this: He became angry with the storng, cruel KaarthaveeryArjunan and 
other kings and killed them during His ParasurAma munivar avathaaram. He 
stands as the symbol of His Parathvam and as the declaration of the 
final statement that He alone is the Chief of all; There is none equal 
to Him even, why to talk of superior? Such Greatest Lord- NeervaNNan- 
the Lord who is of the colour of blue waters- the Lord who has His Yoga 
NithrA on the Oceans - Narayanan- is here standing at Neermalai, 
lovingly for His devotees.

7. "pugaraar uruvaagi… neermalaiyE.."HiraNyan, who was of shining body 
(due to his strength and royal connection), yelled, "Who is superior to 
me? None!" and became angry with his son. The ferocious Huge beauty 
roared from the pillar as Narasingha moorthy and finished hiraNyan's 
life. He destroyed hiraNyan's so-called fame and popularity that had 
existed. HiraNyan antagonised the Lord by shouting angrily at his son 
Prahalada (when Prahalada the ardent devotee of Sriman Narayana, uttered 
the Divine names of Narayanan) with great false ego and pride; hiraNyan 
didn't surrender at the Lord's Feet. Such most ferocious PerumAL is here 
at Thiruneermalai, sitting.

8. Picchacch chiRupeeli piditthu… neermalaiyE.."-SamaNar (Jains) walk 
down the streets naked (for avoiding any possible contact with insects 
and killing them) holding a small peacock feather in their hands 
swinging softly at their bodies; brazen, shameless ones, who walk stark 
naked like the ghost-like shameless women, who eat even the corpses! 
(They are supposed to be following ahimsA! They don't even shave their 
heads or cut their hairs; they pluck the hairs one by one, causing 
tremendous himsA to the jIvan- and calling themselves as performing 
ahimsA! ). Hence, hate such actions of these people. Go and offer most 
fragrant flowers at the Lotus Feet of PerumAL, praying to Him "Please do 
not let yama dhuuthAs dare come near us; Please show mercy on us" and 
pay obeisance to Him devotedly and movingly. He WILL SHOW MERCY ON YOU. 
This Most Compassionate Lord is here at Thiruneermalai.

9. "pEsuma navanRithuvammin namar…neermalaiyE"  It is not at all 
appropriate for us to talk of Emperumaan's Glory and Greatness. (We are 
not qualified!). Oh my dear people of Srivaishnava kulam! ("namar") Come 
to the front and talk so that those atheists can hear the greatness of 
our PerumAL. Our Lord immediately alleviates the sorrows and destroys 
the sins of all devotees who cling to Him. For those, who are caught in 
the afflictions of five senses, and are stuck there immersing themselves 
in the enjoyment of those sensual pleasures, Neermalai Lord is 
inaccessible. This Thiruneermalai is so beautiful, full of fertility, 
with bees humming on the most fragrant, honey dripping flowers.

10. "nedumaal avan mEviya neermalai mEl … mannavaraay adikoodiduvarE."- 
These ten pAsurams are on the Sarvaadhikaaran- SarvEshwaran - Lord of 
Thiruneermalai. The singer is the Chielf of Thirumangai nagar- the great 
warrior like a huge male elephant, Kaliyan- Thirumangai AzhwAr. Those 
who read these ten pAsurams, will have their sins run away IMMEDIATELY 
FROM THEM; They will get the taste of heaven very easily; they will be 
the rulers of this vast earth, and then be granted the eternal servitude 
at the Lotus Feet of Sriman Narayanan. 

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan 

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