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Origins of the Jiva

From: Narasimhan, Arvind (CTS) (
Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 20:44:51 PST

Sri !!
Sri Mathe Ramanujaya Namah !!
Sri Mathe BAla Dhanvhi Maha Guruvae Namah !!

Respected devotees,

There are lot thounght sharing about the origin of the Jiva. adiyen would
like submit his thoungts the same for correction by the blessed members of
this list.

In the first place, the jiva itself is meant as an object of enjoyment of
Sri mann Narayanan. This Sriman Narayanan is the abode of infinite
auspicious qualites( nitya kalayana gunas). He enjoys some of these kalayana
gunas through us the jivas. 

Of the infinite kalyana gunas, his parattvam(completeness in all qualities,
gunas) is displayed in Sri Vaikuntam. But there his Vatsalyam is supressed.
Why??. Vatsalyam is that guna of Emperuman where he unconditionally accepts
our service, even if it is full of offenses. Infact he accepts as service
even such acts meant to offend him. But in Sri Vaikuntam all jivas are fully
aware of his divine qualites and there is no place for them to commit
offenses. If there are no offenses how come our Emperuman enjoy his

So Emperuman, manifests some jivas, makes them forget their essential
nature(servitude to Sri mann Narayanan) and hence undergo tortures of
samsaram. Then he himself gives the knowledge about him, by saying you were
germ is dust touched by the thiruvadi of my devotee in you previous birth,
and hence you are purified. Giving knowledege about him, Emperuman also
becomes an archa at temples and accepts the faulty service of such jivas and
finally takes to Sri Vaikuntam under the pretext of such faulty service done
on to him and his pure devotees. This way does he not enjoy his Vatsalyam

Azhwar says that pushing us into samsara and again getting is back home( at
Sri Vaikuntam) is again for his enjoyment about which we have no say and
should accept it unconditionally.

Can we say this is akin to a mother pinching a child, making it cry
bitterly, again the mother feeling sorrowed for making the child cry, then
consoling the child herself, making the child happy once more. Maybe it
increases the unconditional mutual love between the mother and child......

Aravinda Lochanana Ramanuja Dasan

Azhwar Emperumar JIyer thiruvadhighalae charanam