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Selva Pillai, late offering to the Lord

From: Narasimhan, Arvind (CTS) (
Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 19:47:14 PST

Sri Mathe Ramanujaya Namah!!
Sri Mathe BAla Dhanvhi Maha Guruvae Namah!!

Respected devotees of Emperuman,

Adiyen would like to share his opinions about the performance of kainkariyam
late(9:30am) at ThiruNarayanapuram. 

In archa avatharam, Emperuman accepts service the way his servitors like to
serve him. This, perhaps is out of his abounding love of his servitors that
he gives up his nitya svatantram to accept even offending services to him.
However we servitors understanding our insignificant position always want to
serve the way which is acceptable to Emperuman. Emperuman accepts any
service but we want to serve only the way Emperuman wants. Our
poorvachariyars, Bhagavath Ramanujar in particular have understood the
thiru-ullam ( heart) of Emperuman and have shared the same with us in their
grantams. We servitors interested in serving the way Emperuman likes and
hence put into practice the principles the laid down in disciplic sucession
by our achariyars. The practice of worshiping Emperuman late morning is also
one such principle.

But why so late in morning instead of the Bharma muhutham ?? We ask. The
cold weather at Thiru Narayana puram gives an interesing insight which can
be captured as follows

	 Emperuman thiru mani( trancedental body) is so tender. How tender
		If a flower floats on water, how soft should it be( the
lotus flower )
		If a person sits on such a lotus, how much more tender
should be her thirumeni( Periya Piratti)
		If this Periya Piratti with her tender palms gently massages
Emperumans thiruvadi( reverved feet) and
			the thiruvadi became very very red, how tender
should be this thiruvadi...
		If this thiruvadi itself is so tender, what to speak of his
	The Servitors ponders, so soft is his thirumeni that it will catch
cold if we wake him so early in the morning. 
	The Servitors decides, we will wake him when it is warm...

Critical comments are most welcome....

Aravinda Lochana Ramanuja Dasan.

Azhawar Emperumanar JIyer Thiruvadighalae charanam