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Fw: Re: Origin of jivas

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Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 15:46:08 PST

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Dear Bhaktas,
This is a very intricate point that has been a subject of many a
controversial debates in the ISKCON world.
Not long ago, I read a book 'even leaves do not fall in Vaikuntha' by a
ISKCON author.The book 'Our Original Position' is a answer (or a
opposing sequel) to the "even leaves...' book.

The theory of 'Fallen Souls' or the transition from perfectness to
imperfectness and return to perfectness by the way of life on Earth is
central to Semitic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).
Both Aryan Vedic and Aryan non-vedic religions agree that the universe
is originless and so are the souls. It is only a semetic idea that Man
was once with God and due to selfishness and egoism that is first
attributed to the biblican Lucifer or Satan (Iblis of Jinns in the Quran)
and the disobedience of the First Man (and woman) that lead to the FALL
of Man from the Eternal Garden (Eden) to Earth. 

I agree with Sri Krishna Kalale that SriRamanujacharya has been
misquoted in the 'Our Original Position' book and with SriSrimahavishnu
that even common sense tells us : its not possible that Vaikuntha can be
such a 'unsafe' place from where we can fall...... and after all if
there is a chance that we might fall again, whats the use of trying to
achieve Vaikuntha for maybe a 'temporary' period? The World might seem
to be the the permanent adode for souls in that case :)!! ridiculous

Adiyen Jagan

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