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Re: Origin of jivas

From: V.Srimahavishnu (
Date: Wed Mar 17 1999 - 04:24:16 PST

   Dear BhAgavatas,
             namO namah.I don't subscribe to the view that JIvas are
fallen souls from Vaikuntha.Lord KrishNa guarantees in SrImadbhagavadgItA
that those who reach his eternal ebode will never fall from their exalted
position.In Vaikuntham,there is no room for the false ego of the
JIvas.only realised souls go there.If JIvas come back even from Vaikuntha,
then there must be some other place which can be called the
paralOkam(abode of some other deity superior to ananta-Infinite Lord-
which is ridiculous),
from where there will be no punarAvrutti,to  which no VaishnNava agrees
and which is untrue according to Vedic literature.also this is in contrast
with Lord's promises in rAmAyaNa and BhagavadgItA that He will always take
care of those who surrender unto what i feel is that no mukta comes
from Vaikuntha unless the Lord sends him on some mission(like ALwArs).

          I have written all this by simple logic.Learned SrI VaishNava
members can always kindly correct me and explain the things.