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RE: prapatti (addendum)

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 19:09:47 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

adiyEn's citing Villidaasar/ Ramanuja incident raised some doubts /
questions and few have sent private e-mails for the same. That was my
anubhavam and enjoyment of the glory of our AchArya Paramparai and that of
our Prapannajana santhaana koodasthar Sri SadagOpar, our bondage to
NammAzhwAr. That was not to talk less of the GREAT VibHishaNa SaraNAgathy or
the concept of Prapatthi, but to talk more of our AchArya Paramparai and its
glory. It shall not be misconstrued from my ramble that it is automatically
possible just because NammAzhwAr got His mOksham.... No... No...  I am sorry
to have conveyed wrongly. 

It is essential for us to perform Prapatthi to the Supreme Sriman Narayanan.
The doctrine of Prapatthi is rooted in the concept of His Divine Grace and
all that stands between us and the Bliss of Him in the way is the
accumulated karma from time beginningless and it is to be overcome by
securing the grace of God by the observance of Prapatthi (surrender) or
Bhakti Yogam.

Saasthras have declared that Bhakti Yogam and prapatti are the only two
means (sAdhya upAyAs) by which the Jivans can attain moksham , while the
Divya Dampati are the Siddha upAyam. Sriman Narayanan Himself categorically
says in Ahirbudhnya samhita: " bhaktyA paramayA vA-pi prapattyA vA
mahAmathe/ prApyoham na anyathA prApyO mama kainkarya lipsubhihi " .

By no other means will He grant moksham.  So, all other processes like Nama
sangeertanam, living in a Vaishnava sthalam, bathing in holy rivers
/pushkariNis etc should obtain further grace of the Lord and inculcate more
bhakti on Him so that due to His grace, we can perform  "prapatti" to obtain
moksham.  It is just a matter of time- perhaps few more lives (or may be
within that life time),  those Nama sangheerthanam/ Sthala vaasam etc..
would only obtain the grace of the Lord to enable us perform Prapatthi (or
Bhakti Yogam) to obtain the eternal servitude at the Lotus Feet of Divya
Dampathis at Parama padham (i.e mOksham).

Just a clarification post.. Please forgive for any misleading info. Erudite
scholars may please correct adiyEn's understanding.


Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan