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RE: prapatti

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 17:15:28 PST


Dear Sri Mani,

There can not be a better description / explanation. Great one! Your post
citing VibhIshaNa's SaraNAgathy along with four other rAkashasaas reminded
me of Sri Krishna premi's upanyasam. This is how he narrated. 

Once during an upanyasam by Sri Ramanuja on VibhIshaNa saraNAgathy, the
sishyas were deeply overwhelmed not only due to the Parama kaaruNikO
Bhagawaan Sri Rama's daya and His "sakrudEva prapannaathma... abhayam
"sarva" bhoothEbhyO.....vratham mama". (It is my pledge that I will save any
soul that surrenders to Me.) but more due to Yathirajar's anubhavam filled
narration. When Ramanuja was describing about the doubts and suspicions that
lingered and were thrown open whether it was appropriate and safe to accept

PiLLai uRa~ngaavilli daasar, (who had the Bhagyam of being blessed by
Yathirajar to enjoy the Most Beautiful Lotus large, charming, bright eyes of
Sri Ranganathar at Srirangam) got up. It is generally (never) right to get
up in between and Villi daasar was a Parama Bhagawathar who knew that
etiquette. But still, he got up. Ramanuja asked him "DaasarE! What
happened?". Villi daasar  said "AchArya saarvabhoumarE! VibhIshaNan, left
everything- his family, his wife, his (probable ) chance of becoming the
king of the great lankA kingdom, his wealth, his possessions. etc.. etc..
and surrendered unconditionally with blind, unflinching faith and
mahAviswaasam to Lord Rama. What a great saranAgathy! And still...... he is
being questioned and suspected by these Sugreevan, and others and Rama is
listening to them.... On the other hand, I, the lowly self- who has not left
anything, who is still with all material possessions, who is still attached
to the family... What is my fate? There can be no redemption for me! When
VibhIshaNan himself was stopped, where is my chance?..... " and his voice
started choking with eyes filled with tears.   

Our most merciful, most compassionate YathirAjar, smiled... and said "Villi
daasarE!..... "adhu Ramar gOshti.... idhu Ramanujan Goshti.... Ramar
Goshtila dhaan sandhEham.... samsayam.. ellaam... inga kidaiyaadhu......"
meaning: That is Rama's group... This one is Ramanujar group... There can be
doubts/ suspicions there...Not here...." and added further... "Why not here?
because... We know that Sadagopar... NammAzhwAr was granted mOksham (as can
be seen explicitly in his Thiruvaaymozhi 10.10), because of his AchArya
sambhandham and SaraNAgathy to Divya Dampathi.. When NammAzhwAr was granted,
it is needless to say... Nathamuni was granted because of his AchArya
Sambhandham with NammAzhwAr... and subsequently... PuNdareekaakshar
(UyyakkoNdaar), Sri Ramamisrar (MaNakkal Nambhi), Yamunacharyar
(ALavandhaar), MahaapoorNar (Periya Nambhi). NammAzhwArkku mOksham uNdu
enRaal namakkum uNdu daasarE.. (If NammAzhwAr gets mOksham, you and I also
will get daasarE! Not to worry... VibhIshaNan was not blessed with such

What a great explanation! Thus, LET US NOT WORRY.


Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan


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