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From: K.P. Sridharan (
Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 06:42:32 PST

Respected Members,

I need clarification on the issue of Prapathi in Sri Sampradaya- Vada Kalai.

At the time of Prapathi, are the sins earliar commited by an aspirant 
forgiven?  If so what is the implication for the Acharyan? What is the 
implication for the Aspirant?  If the sins are "taken up" by the 
Acharyan, ( as in the christian tradition- Christ takes up the sins"- as 
I have heard) what prayaschitham are to be done by the aspirant for 
placing an undue burden on the Acharyan?.  Pray enlighen me on these issues.

Thaning you,


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