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RE: Thirunakshathram of PoundarIkapuram ANdavan : march 23, 1999

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 00:19:04 PST


	SrImathE Gopala Desika MahA Desikaya Namah:

	Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

	There are lot of private e mails enquiring as to where the Yathiraja
Sapthathi upanyaasam cassettes (7 cassettes) by 	Srimad
Poundareekapuram ANdavan are available. Hence, I am posting it public.
Thanks a lot for your great enthusiasm.

	The cassettes are available at: 1. Shri C. Seshadri, 36,
Vadivelpuram, West mambalam, Madras 33; or 2. Shri Anantha
Narasimhachariar, 160, South Chithra Street, Srirangam, Trichy 620006. The
seven cassettes are very good and is a great 	treasure.

	Please contribute your mite for such great invaluable works by 1.
buying them (listening to them) and 2. sending to the ashramam 	little of
your earnings for release of many more such releases (like publication of
books on Rahasyams and release of Audio cassettes )

	Narayana Narayana

	Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan