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nAcciyAr tirumozhi VII - karuppUram nARumO 6

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Mon Mar 15 1999 - 09:09:17 PST

      SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam

             nAcciyAr tirumozhi VII - karuppUram nARumO
      pASuram 7.6 (seventh tirumozhi - pAsuram 6 pOit-tIrtam ADAdE)

A. Translation from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

"People make long trips to holy tIrttams (like ga~ngA, kAvEri etc) 
and do puNya snAnams hoping to be sanctified. Oh valampuri 
Sa~nkE! You do not even have to move from your spot; you got 
easily blessed with tasting the most holy adarAmr*tam (which is 
holier than all the the puNya tIrttams) of kaNNapirAn, who felled 
playfully the two marudam trees. There is no one in this world 
equal to you, who are a great bhAgyasAli!"

pOit-tIrtam ADAdE ninRa puNar marudam
 SAittu IrttAn kait talattE ERik kuDi koNDu
SEit tIrttamAi ninRa SenkaNmAl tannuDaiya
 vAit tIrttam pAindu ADa vallAi valampuriyE!

B. Additional thoughts (from SrI PVP ):

pOit-tIrttam ADAdE: There are people in this world who will 
travel hundreds of miles to take a dip in salty water (oceans), 
while you stay put in one place and enjoy the parabhOgya 
tIrtta snAnam. 

ninRa puNar marudam  SAittu IrttAn: The gandarvA-s named naLa and 
kUbara were turned into twin maruda trees by the curse of sage 
nArada.  The aSuran who was ordered by kamsan to kill kaNNan was 
waiting in the twin maruda trees for the right moment. kuTTi 
kr*shNan, who was tied to the mortar by yaSOdai, pulled the mortar 
and went between the twin trees, thus felling them (thereby 
killing the aSuran also) and looked back at the noise of the 
falling trees with great playfulness.

ERik kuDi koNDu:  Because of kaNNan being born as a human 
being in His incarnation, He was doing pirtr*-vAkya paripAlanam 
as part of this form that He had assumed, and had to hide 
His conch, discus, etc., and the Sa~nkam had to become 
invisible (This occurred when vasudeva and dEvaki prayed to 
mahAvishNu to conceal His nArAyaNa svarUpam with His four hands 
from kamsan).  SrI PVP's anubhavam is that it looks as though 
PA~ncajanyan felt that it was because he was hidden out of sight 
that kaNNan was subject to so many dangers from kamsan. Having 
a strong determination not to leave Him any second from now on, 
SrI pAncajanya AzhvAn occupied a place on His hand and decided 
to stay there forever. 

SEit tIrttamAi ninRa: The best, sweetest and holiest.  
Se~ngaN-mAl is the best, sweetest and holiest, and it is true 
of His vAi_tIrtam as well.  His pAvanam or holiness is conveyed 
in the following Sloka-s:
"pAvanas sarva lOkAnAm tvamEva raghunandana" - (rAmAyaNam uttara 
kANDam 82-9) - raghunandana!  You are the one who purifies 
all the worlds!

"pavitrANam hi gOvinda: pavitram paramucyatE
puNyAnAmapi puNyoSou ma~ngaLAnAnca mangaLam"  ( bhAratam - 
vanaparva-tIrttayAtra 88-26) - gOvindan is considered to the 
purest of all purities; He is the most puNyam of all puNyams; 
He is the most austere of all austerities.

nammAzhvAr refers to this parama-pAvanatvam of bhagavAn through the 
use of the word "tIrttan"  in tiruvAimozhi ("tIrttan ulagaLanda 
SevaDi" 2-8-6).   Needless to say that His vAittIrttam is 
the best tIrttam?
Se~nkaNmAl tannuDaiya:  "Se~nKaN mAl" refers to bhagavAn's 
beautiful lotus-flower-like beautiful red eyes - puNDarIkAkshan.   
His two eyes look like two lotuses blossomed because of the sun.

vAit-tIrtham pAindu ADa vallAi - The experience of pA~ncajanyam 
is like one who is taking a dip in the area of the ocean where 
lots of pearls are abundant (SrI T.S. rAjagopAlan), or like one 
who stands on the shores of the holy waters and takes a bath from 
the shore.
valampuriyE: The reference here is again to the special nature 
of the valampuri Sa~ngu.  Not only is pA~ncajanyan's anubhavam 
special, but his shape is also special.  

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyEti samarpayAmi.

Kalyani Krishnamachari