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Periya Thirumozhi 2.3- I have seen Him at Triplicane!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Mar 15 1999 - 00:57:03 PST


Dearest Sisters and brothers,

In previous pAsurams, Thirumangai mannan enjoyed Raman, KaNNan, the Lord 
of ThiruvevvuL (the most favourite one of our dear Sri Anand 
Karalapaakkam), the SingavEL Piraan, and the Lord of ThiruvEmkatam, 
after having had a lovely darshan at Badri, SaaLgraamam and 
NaimisaaraNyam. Now AzhwAr lands at Madras! He is here at Triplicane. He 
immerses himself in the Divine beauty of ThiruvallikENi Sri 
Parthasarathy PerumAL, the personification of all of above Deities... 
The Lord who blessed us with the Charama slOkam.. Let us take a stroll 
on the track of AzhwAr's yet another excellent ten! (What a blessed 
group! One side, lovely ThErazhundhoor pAsurams form Sadagopan, other 
side description of Sri Rama's exquisite Beauty- Sri Hayagreeva 
Mahaathmayam from third direction- Sampath Rengi's starting of second 
series of inimitable style of ThiruppAvai, Sri Mani's Vaarthamalai posts 
- Oh aiyO! idhu enna Sri Vaishnava Divya SadhassO? What a Kaimkaryam! As 
Sampath Rengi mentioned, English and computers have been really blessed 
by these posts!)

1. The Lord - who had destroyed completely- the big yaagham performed by 
Kamsan (with an intent to kill KaNNan), also the performer of Yaagham 
i.e. Kamsan; the group of huge mountain like strong wrestlers appointed 
by Kamsan for killing KaNNan; the massive elephant Kuvalayaapetam, 
waiting at the entrance of Kamsan's place (to kill KaNNan), and the 
mahout who had trained the elephant with such ferocity/anger to kill 
KaNNan- (all of them were simply destroyed by KaNNan) ; the Lord who 
removed the great sorrow and sin of Sivan whose hand got stuck with a 
head of Brahma, the One who drove the chariot for Arjunan and helped 
PaaNdavaas, the One who faced and got the fierce arrows on His Chest in 
the KurukshEthra battle field, the Lord who performed variety of ways 
and means to destroy 100 Kauravas (the enemies of PaNdavas) and saved 
Arjunan; the Lord who had left the throne and the crown and walked off, 
smilingly and willingly to the forest obeying His "Chiitthi KaikEyi's" 
(SiRRannai- SiRRavai- Step mother?) order- (AzhwAr says), I have seen 
that Greatest Lord here in ThiruvallikkENi.

2.  The Lord- who has, as His pampered pet, the Vedas which grant only 
good to everyone; the One who grants the fruits to beings as appropriate 
based on their Saathvika, Rajasa, thamasa guNAs and based on their 
performance of their karmas as per Vedic saasthras; the One who is the 
limitless enjoyment and is like the sweetest blemishless fruit to sages 
like sanaka et al whose thoughts are always on the Brahmam; the One who 
is dearest and sweetest to Sri Nandha Maharaj with His most wonderful 
child pranks and mischief; the One who is Jagadh KaaraNan (the Cause of 
the Universe), who is worshipped by the people of the world; the One who 
captured me and ruled this lowly self- me (who is unlike these people 
who always worship Him and pay obeisance to Him)- I have seen that Most 
merciful - Greatest Lord here in Triplicane (next to Mylapore where 
unparalleled great women folk live in tall big houses).   

3. (AzwAr enjoys the darling of NandhagOpan here!). The Lord - who 
sucked the life along with the poisonous breast milk of Puthanai, (demon 
rAkshasi who had come in the guise of a young woman to breastfeed Kutti 
KaNNan and kill Him) and killed her and let her fall dead on the ground; 
- who is the life of the world;- who is the yama of asurAs; - who is 
praised and worshipped with awe at His wonderful form and attributes by 
Vidyadharar, SaaraNar, Chitthar and all Devas et al when He took the 
lovely most beautiful Mohini avathaaram to distribute the nectarine 
"amudham" to Devas. Such Greatest Lord- I have seen in Triplicane.

4. (Not only did He suck the life of Puthanai; He did tame Indran's 
false pride) When the Pooja and Uthsavam, that was usually performed by 
Cowherd men every year for Indran, praying him for rains,  was stopped 
by our Dear Child KaNNan (due to Indran's proud feeling of being 
worshipped by Cowherd group, including KaNNan), the irate angry Indran 
ordered torrential rains and heavy downpour on this land where KaNNan 
lived. The poor cowherd people prayed to KaNNan "Emperumaan KaNNA! 
please save us and the cattle from these heavy downpour!". The "little" 
Lord of ours, with His little finger, lifted the HUGE, MASSIVE 
Govardhana mountain effortlessly and asked all His cowherd folks and 
cattle to come underneath to protect them from rains. Such Most Greatest 
Lord- I have seen Him at Triplicane.

5. (The Most wonderful Lord is the Master of Sri, BhUmA and NeeLA 
dEvi!). the Lord, who is the sweetest Consort of the One who has the 
lotus flower as Her Seat- of the One who is also a great companion, 
sweetest and dearest to the Lord- of Periya PiraaTTi MahAlakshmi; who is 
the Chief of the One who is the personification of Patience- of BhUmi 
PiraaTTi; the Lord who was born among the cowherd group and is the Lord 
of Nappinnai PiraaTTI- the Support and Companion of everyone; the One 
who listened to PaaNdavaas and went as their messenger to inform of what 
He had heard from them; the One who is His own support; - Such Greatest 
Lord - I have seen at Triplicane. He is my Swami; the Master of my whole 
Kulam (Srivaishnava Kulam; Manidha Kulam- Human kind- chEthana kulam)

6. Dhucchaasanan- the younger brother of DhuryOdhanan, the son of the 
congenitally blind Dhrudharaashtran (blind physically and spiritually), 
went and told Dhraupathi "You need to serve us, for these pANdavas have 
lost you in this gambling" and started stripping her; Poor Dhraupathi 
raised her hands, with tears rolling down, shouted "KaNNA! Sangha chakra 
GadhApaaNE! Dwarakaanilaya acchuthA! GovindhA! PundareekaashA! 
Rakshamaam! SaraNAgatham! " and surrendered to the Lord. Then, He 
immediately saved her from all sorrows; and the way He punished the 
duryOdhanaadhis by making all the wives of 100 Kauravas become widows; 
the way He drove Himself as a chariot driver for Arjunan -the Lord is 
simply GREAT! and wonderful! -  Such Greatest Lord- I have seen at 

7. The Lord who stands with and is fully enjoyed by Bharathan, his 
parathanthran, Chathruknan, ILayaperumAL LakshmaNan for whom Sri Rama is 
everything and all in all, SeethA PiraaTTi of MythilA- the Prince of 
Dasaratha Chakravartthi, the Yama of rAvaNan- such Greatest Lord, I have 
seen at Triplicane, where lovely gardens cool the whole sthalam, where 
the beautiful peaclocks dance spreading their feathers gracefully, where 
the rays of sun do not have any space to enter (due to the dense trees 
and gardens)

8. The father hiraNyan, who listened to Divine name of Narayanan from 
the lovely charming "mazhalai" words of Prahalada, when Prahalada came 
back after studying at school, did not relish the child's sweet words. 
He did not enjoy the Divine name of Narayana. he shouted and became 
terribly angry at Prahalada "Where is your Narayanan? is He in this 
pillar?" and hit the nearby pillar. Came out the ferocious reddish eyed 
Lion faced Human form of Lord Narasinghan with Huge wide red mouth- such 
Greatest awesome Beauty- I have seen at Triplicane. (TeLLiya Singha 

9. (AzhwAr enjoys the Lord's mercy on the elephant, in as much as he 
helped and saved Pandavas, Dhraupathi, Mythyli, Prahaladan) The elephant 
GajEndran, the Strong animal that loiters and wanders all over the 
forest happily, entered into the charming, beautiful pond which is full 
of red lotus flowers, for plucking few lovely fresh lotus flowers from 
the pond with an intent to place them at the Lotus Feet of Sriman 
Narayanan. When it did so, it started yelling and shouting by lifting 
his trunk above his head and shouted painfully "AdhimoolamE". 
(Primordial Chief!)  Why? the crocodile that was living in that pond, 
caught hold of his leg; the elephant could not get his wish fulfilled, 
and hence yelled (not that he suffered and shouted due to his suffering! 
he was a strong elephant and was a paramaikaanthin!)  Sriman Narayanan- 
who alone is the Primordial Chief (Sivan, Brahma, Indran all of them 
turned to only Sriman Narayanan, when they heard the cry "AdhimoolamE!". 
The word was for Him; and not for anyone else!) Immed....... (before 
even I typed this word), He appeared on GarudA and saved the elephant by 
sending His ChakrAyudham to the crocodile and killing the same. (Sri 
Mukkur Lakshmi Naraishmachariar says beautifully in his upanyasam "the 
Lord came in such a hurry, PiraaTTi with whom He was playing with did 
not know what was happening and caught hold of His utthiriyam (the top 
dress) and was stuck with that cloth! he came in such a hurry, GarudA 
came faster to make Him sit in him; he came in such a hurry that the 
ChakrAyudham came flying from its respective place and landed on His 
right Hand in transit..... He came in such a hurry, that He did not NEED 
ANYONE TO HELP HIM; Not even ChakrAyudham! he came in such a hurry that 
was like a dear father rushing swiftly to lift his child that has fallen 
and is crying! What a lovely narration! What a merciful Lord!). Such 
Greatest Most merciful Lord- I have seen at Triplicane!

10. Thirumangai AzhwAr has sung these ten poems about Triplicane- (the 
neighbourhood of Mylapore) where cool dense gardens are found 
everywhere; where tall ramparts and huge pillared halls are built; where 
the ruling (was ) by the king of thoNdai naadu (the present Chennai) was 
pure and dhaarmic. Those who read these pAsurams on Triplicane (and 
their meanings) will enjoy being blessed with the eternal permanent stay 
at Paramapadham.

ThriumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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