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Thirunakshathram of PoundarIkapuram ANDAvan : march 23, 1999

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Mar 14 1999 - 14:23:19 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

I apologize for a major oversight in my earlier 
posting ( March 13 ) on SravaNa DvAdasi , where I had
listed all the auspicious events awaiting us duirng
the month of Panguni .I had listed a few Thirunakshathrams
of AchAryAs falling in the month of Panguni .

I had however missed a very important Thirunakshathram 
(Viz)., H.H. the Current PoundarIkapuram
Andavan, ParavAkkOttai ParamahamsEdhyAthi
Sri Gopaala Desika MahA Desikan . That important 
date is March 23 ( Panguni RohiNI ). I offer my 
salutations to this great Maharishi :

AchArya Bhakthi ParipUtham anarga seelam 
Gopala Desika MahAmunim Gurum AasrayAma :

Inspite of his advancing age , this revered AchAryA
is engaged in mahA kaimkaryams and it is a great blessing
to have his anugraham .

IdhAnim Poundarikapuram Andavan belongs 
to the direct sanyastha Guru paramparai of Srirangam
SrimadhANdavan ( VazhutthUr ) Sri VedAntha LakshmaNa
Munipungavar.Thanks to H.H. the Current Jeeyar 
of Poundarikapuram Aasramam , we have in our hands
the Chillarai rahasyams of Swami Desikan today . 

Those who wish to take part in this forthcoming 
Thirunakshathram celebration are requested to
contact One of the following BhakthAs and get
additional details on how you could support 
this important event :

Sri Anbil Raamaswamy ( Sishyar)
Sri Murali Rangaswamy (Sishyar)
Sri Sampath Rengarajan ( Deha sambhandham )

The abiding reverence that I have for the PoundarIkapuram 
Aasrama Yathis is due to the following twin reasons :

(1) The Current Poundarikapuram Aasrama Jeeyar 
is an AchAryA dear to my own AchAryan : 
H.H. Paramahamsa parivrAjaka  Sri NaarAyana Yathindhra 
MahA Desikan of Ahobila Matam , the current Jeeyar .

(2) Poundarikapuram is my ancient village and has 
tight links to Sri Oppilaippan through the many
devout kaimkaryams of ParamahamsEdhyAthi Sri 
Srinivaasa MahA Desikan of Poundarikapuram .
My grandfather was the Brahaspathi for that family 
and performed the marriage of the above giant of
an AchAryan . Later , this mahAn took sanyAsaasramam
and became H.H. SrinivAsa MahA Desikan of Poundarikapuram
Aasramam .

Daasan , Sadagopan