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thirup pAvai - Vol.02.001 - Thirup pAR kadal

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Mar 14 1999 - 08:33:03 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam          Sunday, Mar.14, 1999

vaiyatthu vAzhveergAL !

thirup pAvai - Vol.02.001 - Thirup pAR kadal

Dear bAgawathAs,

 	It is nOnbu day and vrtham day. I start the vyAkyAnam
for the second phase of this "nOnbu"  on  this sacred day  of
srvanam, srvana dwAdasi the mother  of  all "vrthams",   Lord 
Vamanan's thiru  nakshatthiram, and kAradiyAn  nOnbu.  adiyEn  
pray to "thirup pARkadal nAthan"  for  HIS merciful blessings 
so that adiyEn can successfully do yet another  phase of this 
nOnbu. A few words of appreciation is in order for those  who
joined the vELvi in the first part. Sri Sadagopan's excellent 
summary on vEdha sambandam and in particular his reference to 
"ozhikka ozhiyAtha uRavu"  makes  me  sleepless. ie., Even if
try to abloish it such  relationship  with  the   Lord  (jiva 
eswara sambandam) cannot be simply washed away.  Sri  Madhava 
Kannan's beautiful reference  to "kutti kannan"  captures  my 
thoughts. maRakka maRakkAtha oru uruvam "kutti kaNNan" of Sri
MK. ie Even if we try to forget we cannot  forget this "thiru
uruvam" that Sri MK reminded us very well.  Sri Mani's  "arum 
patha vurai" and the english poem is  very good in  an anniya
bhAshai.  "Angilamum  punitham  Anatho  ithanAl  enRu  thOnRu 
giRathu". ie. It  occurs  to  me  that  English  language  is  
sanctified due to writing thirup pAvai in english.

	Sri  Anand's excellent  postings  from  adiyEn's  own   
favourite  Sri KarunAkaran Swamy's  kAlakshEbams are a sample 
as to  what is out  there  if  we  reach  out  to  seers  and 
AchAryAs.  "kEtka   kEtka   thevittatha  soRkaL".  ie.,  Keep 
listening and  more it is never too much. In fact kAlakshEams 
of seers    never  saturates us. Sri Anand's service to bring
out this very well, is appreciated. Here comes the  next  and 
the eloquent,  extempore   "madai   thiRantha  veLLam",  (ie.,
a flood of water that rushes once the shutters of the storage
is opened.) from Smt Subadra. What a talent, what an anubavam.  
Her simple reference to "uddhava" and  his  seeking  to learn 
from Aychiars were very thoughtful additions. Moreso, was the 
comparisons between Sri Uddava and Sri Arjun. The pinnacle of 
her series was  "can  we bloom the flowers ?" My tamil cannot 
wait to express this. 

	kaNNanai nAn kaNdathu veRum kaNavO ?
        than Annanai ivar kOndathu manamO ?
        enniyum Engiyum nAm seythathum thinamO ?
        nanni nAm nAduvOm ini en nAthanaiyO?

ie., What ever I saw and wrote about KannAn is a mere dream ?
Whatever she (Sri Sudara's is the sister of Sri  Krishna  and 
who else will know better and more about HIM ?) had  in  mind 
about her brother (Lord Sri Krishna) is the one, our mind may
want to capture. We are thinking constantly and  are  longing 
to have the aruL of the Lord every day. With a good faith  in
our hearts let  us  seek  our  "nAthan"  through  this  nOnbu 
further (through this second pasuram).
PookAtha mootukkal veditthAga vEndum.   En   enrAL  poovukkum 
theRiyAthu  thEnai  parugubavan  KannAn. "Aychiarum ARiyAmalE 
avar manathai koLLai kondavan kaNNan".  ie Even those flowers
that are yet to blossom must now burst open. Why  because  it  
is Sri Kannan who drinks the honey (the Athman) even  without
the flowers knowing  about it. He not only stole  butter  and
milk, he had stolen the hearts of Ayachiars as well even with
out  their  knowledge.  Is that   why  they are  going around 
seeking HIM to get what they already lost to HIM ? It is  now  
time to take these flowers that are blossomed and  submit  to 
the "sheerAbthi nAthan". When I want to start on thirup pAvai  
"ennaiyum   AriyAtha   oru    inba   unarrchi   pongukiRathu.  
vArtthaikkum varAtha oru  vAsam  ennai theenudkiRathu".  When
i want to strat thirup pAvai, a feeling of esctasy comes over
flowing. There is a pleasant fragrance  that I cannot express
by words, is suddenly surrounding and teasing me. The flowers 
just blossomed.  They  are  the  part  of Sri ANDAL's garland 
known as thirup pAvai. So it is natural to have this feeling.

	The first pAsuram was about SriVaikunda  divya  dEsam 
as it straight adress to "nArAyanAn". The first  pAsuram  was
about "param" and parama patha nAthan and ways to reach  HIM.
This second pAsurma is about SheerAbthi nAthan  or  the  Lord
who is residing in thriup pARkadal.  This  pAsuram  is  about 
Eswaran's "vyukam" while the earlier one was about the "param".
Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Kadal magaL samEtha SheerAbthi nAthan thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

note: AdiyEn had to wait for this  day even though the  stage
was passed on  to me a  week ago. The numebring scheme has to 
be altered in vire of "many many more" parts to come. 

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