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New member's introduction and query
Date: Sat Mar 13 1999 - 14:02:20 PST

My name is Kristijan and I come from Slovenia, a small country in central Europe. I'm a linguistics student (russian and french). I've been interested in vaishnava philosophy for some time now, but so far it was only gaudiya vaisnavism. Now I want to learn more about Sri Vaisnavism before I decide through which sampradaya I will serve the Supreme. I already learned many things browsing through the old bhakti archives and Mani's page, but I still have some questions...
1.What sort of sadhana would you recommend to a novice?
2. Is the 8-syllabled Narayana mantra the main mantra for a Sri Vaisnava?
3. Should it be recited loudly, silently or mentally?
4.How important is it to recite it on a japa bead?
5. Which books do you think would be most appropriate for a novice as myself and how can I get them ( being a student I'm especially interested in Indian books as they are usually cheaper )? I'm thinking of books in english, naturally.

I would be really grateful if you could answer any of my questions and maybe help me get out of my ignorance.

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