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Sravana DhvAdasi /KaaradayAn nOnbhu: March 14(Maasi SravaNam )

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Mar 13 1999 - 06:45:02 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

Today (Satuday )is Suddha EkAdasi Dinam .Because of 
the SravaNa dhvAdasi falling tomorrow , one can take 
milk and fruits instead of observing EkAdasi upavaasam today , 
if it is too much of a strain ,and reserve upavaasam for
tomorrow . The Upavaasam observed on SravaNa dhvAdasi day 
is considered equivalent to 10,000 EkAdasi

If one lives to have Veda PrAyam of 100 years , 
one could have observed theoretically 2,400
EkAdasi Upavaasams ( 100X24 per year even including
childhood ). The observance of One SravaNa DhvAdasi 
upavAsam is  considered however to be equivalent to 
10,000 EkAdasi Vratham observance or 400 years
worth of EkAdasi upavAsams .

Tomorrow is that SravaNa Dhvadasi day ,one of 
the holiest days in our claendar . This is the day , 
when DhvAdasi thithi is joining with the Lord's Nakshathram 
to become Sravanaa Dhvadasi .SravaNam is 50.36 Naazhikai on
Sunday , March 14 .It appears that VishNu srungala Yogam 
is also associated with this Sravana dhvAdasi.That makes 
it even more special .
This SravaNa dhvAdasi day is also the KaaradayAn nOnbu day , 
when Sumangalis tie the Mangala (manjal )saradu in the evening as
ThirumAngalyam for the well being of their husbands and 
mangLam in their houses .This nOnbhu was observed first by 
a great pathivrathA SirOnmaNi named Saavithri to save 
her husband's life .

Saavithri outsmarted Dharmaraajan to preserve her soumAngalyam 
by asking for a boon of 100 children , when her husband's 
life was in imminent danger from the approaching kaala paasam . 
DharmarAjAn unwittingly granted the boon to this 
MahA pathivrathai and thus extended the life of Saavithri's
husband , SathyavAn .The children look forward
to kaaradayAn nonbhu Adai and kozhukkattai made
of rice flour and jaggery .

On March 15 , Monday , the month of Panghuni
the last month of this eventful BhaudhAnya samvathsaram  
will be born . I am having in mind the celebration
of the 600th anniversary of the establishment of 
Ahobila Matam, the 900th anniversary of AchArya 
RaamAnujA's arival at Melkote , the first of the Tele-
upanyAsams via telebridge by two AchAryAs to overseas
Sri vaishNavAs et al happened .

This Panghuni month is filled further with days of 
celebration on the Sri VaishNavA calendar :

**Panghuni Uttiram ( sErthi day of Sri RanganAyaki 
  with Sri Ranganathan at Srirangam on March 31.
  This is the day , when Gadhya Thrayam was born ) 

** Sri Ramama Navami day ( March 25)

** Thirukkudanthai ANDavan , Sri Vedaantha
   RaamAnuja MahA Desikan ( March 27)birthday :
   Panguni Pushyam 

** Thruvarangatthu AmudanAr of Sri RaamAnuja
   nURRanthAdhi fame ( April 1): Panguni Hastham

** kOzhiyAlam Sri RangarAmAnuja MahA Desikan 
   Birth day : panguni Anusham ( April 5)

** ViNNARankarai Sri SrinivAsa MahA Desikan
   of PoundarIkapuram Aasramam ( April 5):
   Panguni Anusham .

** VarAha Jayanthi : Panguni Kettai 

** Sri oppiliappan Ratham ( ThEr) : Panguni Uthsavam 
   Panguni SravaNam 
** Mathsya Jayanthi : Panguni sathayam ( April13)

** Tamil New year , Pramaathi Chitthirai UtthirattAthi ( April 14).

** On April 24 , 1999 in the ParamAthi Chitthirai
   day , with BahgavAn's RaamAnujA's anugraham , the 
   CD ROM on His vaibhavam and granthams will be released .
   On that same day of Sri raamAnuja jayanthi celebration ,
   Sri nadathur Madhavan will be releasing the complete set 
   of audio tapes of Swami Desikan's sthOthrams at 
   the Balaji Temple at bridgewater, NJ .

I am pleased to let you know that the Beta Phase testing
of the AchArya CD ROM is set for the end of next week 
in India . Great scholars like Dr.V.N.Vedantha Desikan
are participating in this kaimkaryam blessed by 
Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha PaadhukhA sevaka , Sri NaarayaNa
Yathindhra MahA Desikan ,H.H. the revered Jeeyar of 
Ahobila Mutt . we need all of your prayers to complete
this Kaimkaryam and place the offerign at the sacred 
feet of AchArya RaamAnuja on his Thirunakshthram .   

In summary , a rich set of festivities and vrathams
await us in the coming month of Panguni . 

Sri Bhumi Devi SamEtha SravaNa VenkatEsa Sri Oppiliappan 
ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,

Daasan , V.Sadagopan