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Periya Thirumozhi 2.2- Iniyan- enthai-Emperumaan- evvuL kidandhaanE

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Date: Wed Mar 10 1999 - 04:09:49 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

"Those who are devoted to Me and have surrendered to Me, will be granted 
to perform ceaseless kaimkaryam at Parama padham and they all will be 
given an opportunity to perform the same here too on this earth!"- says 
the Lord! Where? Here at ThiruvevvuL- (Thiruvalloor) and is showing 
Himself at this sthalam in a Beautiful Majestic reclining posture. 
Prathyaksham to SaalihOthra Maharishi. This sthalam is situated near 
Madras on the way to Arakkonam. AzhwAr enjoys this sthalam and the Lord 
of ThiruvevvuL in this ten.
PerumAL: Sri Veeraraghava PerumAL alias Vaidya Veeraraghavan; Thaayaar- 
Kanakavalli Thaayaar (also called Vasumathy). The Lord keeps His right 
palm on the head of SaalihOthra muni and the left palm showinh jnAna 

1. Covering himself under the disguise of a saffron clad sage, with the 
legs shivering with fear (of being caught or found out), rAvaNan, went 
with an ill, wrong, sinful intention of desiring for SitA PiraaTTi. Such 
rAvaNan’s fort of lankA was completely destroyed by Lord Rama, the 
Chakravartthi Thirumagan, with His sankalpam (pledge) to destroy the 
same. Such Greatest Strongest Lord, was mocked at and teased by the 
cowherd women having beautiful long bamboo like shoulders, saying "This 
KaNNan has stolen butter from our home". Such a Sowlabhyan is He. This 
Most wonderful Lord is having His Yoga NithrA at ThiruvevvuL.
2. rAvaNan, never considering SitA PiraaTTi as the Mother of whole 
Universe - (akila jagan maathaa) desired for Her. He never took Rama’s 
valour seriously and ignored it. He was misled to believe that the sword 
which he had obtained from demigods would do him a lot good. He was 
successful in all eight directions during the battle with everyone else 
- Such a Veeran- the most successful king- his  ten heads simply were 
rolled down by a single arrow of Rama’s. This Lord - Sri Ramapiraan- is 
my Father- My Swami- My PerumAn- and is here having His Yoga NithrA at 
3. During Ramavataar, He could not bear the pangs of separation from 
SitA PiraaTTi and sent a monkey as His messenger to lankA where none can 
dare cross the barriers of Oceans and enter into the kingdom of rAvaNA. 
RavaNan- the one who was granted such strengths by dEvAs, was 
effortlessly finished off by the anger of Lord Rama. The same Lord 
(after seeing HanmAn’s success as a messenger for Him to SitA PiraaTTi) 
wished to become a messenger Himself and went to the kingdom of 
DuryOdhanan, as PaaNdava dhUthan. The same Lord drove the chariot for 
Arjunan in KurukshEthra battle field. This Most Wonderful Lord is having 
His Yoga NithrA at ThiruvevvuL.
4. Nappinnai PiraaTTi- whose tender fingers ache even when holding the 
flower ball- was joined by the Strongest KaNNan after killing the mighty 
seven oxen. This Lord of Cowherd group- is the unparalleled, limitless 
Lord- the Son of Nandhan- the Lord of unbounded Most auspicious 
attributes (KalyANA guNAs)- Our Master- Our Father. This Lord of ours is 
having His Yoga NithrA at ThiruvevvuL.
5. This little son of Nandhan- during MahApraLya kaalam (the end of 
Cosmic cycle) reclined on a little Banyan leaf, (after eating the whole 
Universe, and its beings and non-beings, in order to protect and sustain 
the Universe) and had His Yoga NithrA there. Such Greatest Most 
Wonderful Lord - Red lotus eyed Lord- is having His Yoga NithrA at this 
Most fertile- most beautiful, most fragrant, ThiruvevvuL Divya dEsam, 
full of honey dripping flowery gardens.
6. (In this, and next two pAsurams, AzhwAr describes that Emperumaan is 
the antharyaami in everyone and everything.) BhAgawathas- whose only 
duty is to praise Him and pay their obeisance to Him, take turns and 
compete with each other to pay their obeisance, by prostrating at the 
Lord’s Feet and saying "KalyANa guNa gaNouga mahArNavaa! The Lord of 
Most auspicious KalyANa GunAs! I am prostrating at Your Lotus Feet". 
Such Greatest Lord is this PerumAn- The Red Lotus eyed Lord. The Lord - 
who was praised by the Great Sage Sanaka et al that He is the Only One 
who is the antharyaami of everyone including Sivan and BrahmA. Such 
greatest Lord- The Primordial Chief is my Lord, who is having His Yoga 
NithrA at ThiruvevvuL.
7. The antharyami of the Moon- the Five elements (Pancha bhUthAs)- the 
Father of BrahmA- the "Saami appan" (the Lord of Saama vEdham)- the 
Cause and Creator of everything (the "kaaraNa bhUthan")- the Lord who 
had spread His Divine Lotus Feet all over the Universe when He measured 
during Trivikramavataar- from where the river Ganga flowed (when the 
Foot’s finger nail only could be seen and washed reverently by BrahmA) 
and was taken by Sivan on his head. Such most Greatest Swami- My Lord – 
SarvEshawaran is having His Yoga NithrA at ThiruvevvuL.
8. The Lord, after His sankalpam to create, created BrahmA, Sivan and by 
His mere thought alone executed His actions. Sathyakaaman; 
Sathyasankalpan. The Lord, who blessed us with the pristine pure 
GithOpadEsam- the Lord of dark hued colour- my Swami- Parama dhaarmeekan 
(Most Virtuous Lord)- the Lord who never be comprehended by anyone, 
(even by Yogis); the Unparalleled One- "than oppAril appan"-peerless- 
unmatched- unbounded Lord- but, Sweetest dear One for His devotees- The 
Chief of Nithya sooris- - My Father My PerumAn- is having His Yoga 
NithrA at ThiruvevvuL. (an excellent pAsuram!- I give up translating 
AzhwAr’s outburst! I am not able to do justice!)
9. (Here AzhwAr declares that Emperumaan gets His greatness because He 
is Sri Vallabhan- the Divine Consort of our Most merciful Mother Periya 
PiraaTTi- MahAlakshmi) The Goddess- PiraaTTi- who always stays with the 
Lord in His Chest- whose tender fingers ache even for holding the flower 
ball- who is the Most Beautiful Divine Goddess, born from the most 
beautiful Lotus Flower- the One who has settled down on His Chest and 
says to the Lord  "I will never ever go away from You" ("agalagillEn"). 
This PerumAn- Sri Vallabhan- the Blue hued Lord- the Chief of Indran 
(who himself is the Chief of Devas) - Emperumaan-is having His Yoga 
NithrA at ThiruvevvuL. (Please read the pAsuram: 
 "pandhirukkum mel viralaaL paavai pani malaraaL/
 vandhu irukkum maarbhan neela mEni maNi vaNNan/
 andharaatthil vaazhum vaanOr naayakanaay amaindha/
 indhranukkum thamperumaan evvuL kidandhaanE/
10. Emperumaan of ThiruvevvuL- the One who is praised by His devotees 
with the garland of flowers in their hands- and about whom Thirumangai 
mannan has sung these pAsurams. He has sung in lovely Tamil words, 
keeping Emperumaan’s most auspicious Nithya KalyANa guNAs in his mind. 
Those who are able to recite these garland of ten Tamil pAsurams, ARE 
PARAMA PADHAM. "idhu Satthiyam". ("aNdam aaLvadhu aaNai; anREl aaLvadhu 
amarar ulagE!") 

Thirumangai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana 

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan    

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