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From: Rajesh Mandayam (
Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 10:18:49 PST

I think Mani is right in whatever he said regarding Melkote. Since I am 
person with roots in Melkote I can say with confidence that all that 
Mani said is absolutely right. I do not know of any historical 
significance in the late Vishwaroopam to Thirunaarayanan.

Moreover the chill whether makes it very difficult to get up and go to 
the temple. Once when we went to Melkote in early november it was so 
cold that the diesel inside our car got frozen and we had to push it for 
2 kms. to make the fuel come back to its liquid state. 

I have also heard from my friends that the temples forming the 'Nava 
Tirupathi' are also opened very late at around 8 A.M.. My friends told 
me that it is due to the scarcity of the devotees to these temples.
Is this true? and if it is true, is there any historical background 
behind the late Vishwaroopam?