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Visiting Shrii Rangam and Simhaachalam

From: Krishna Susarla (
Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 22:53:26 PST

Dear friends of the Bhakti list,

Hare Krishna! I am planning a trip to India during which I will be leaving
the last weekend of March and coming back around May 6th. I have the last 2
weeks of my stay there all to myself, and I am planning on visiting both
Simhaachalam and Shrii Rangam and having darshan of the Deities of
Varaaha-Narasimha and Shrii Ranganaatha Swaami, respectively.

I am seeking advice on pilgrimmage to both of these temples. I have never
been to either one before. I speak not a word of Tamil, and my Telugu is
shaky at best. I could use help on planning a trip, how to get there, where
to find accomodations, how much time I should spend there, and what sights I
should make it a point to see which are connected to the the temples. Of
particular interest to me are suggestions for exact dates during which to
visit. There was a Simhaachalam article in the ISKCON magazine Back to
Godhead which stated that Chandana-yaatra was during April-May; if I could
time my visit to see the Lord's nija-ruupa I would feel most fortunate.
Another BTG article on Shrii Rangam mentioned that there were 250 festivals
observed yearly; can anyone suggest a specific date to go during which I can
perhaps be present during one such festival?

I am especially interested in customs which are to observed during visiting
of the above temples, and mantras or prayers which should be chanted upon
visiting the Deities.

I am also interested in finding shops at both sites through which I can
acquire devotional music casettes and devotional literature, such as
Sanskrit works, commentaries, scriptures, etc. Though these are secondary
goals of my visit, any advice on such places which I should visit would be

Thank you in advance,

-- Krishna Susarla