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Saranagathi Vol.02.004

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 16:27:26 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

I am attaching the editorial and the table of contents of 
the most recent issue of SaraNAgathi Journal released today .

I am forwarding this to you for two reasons :

(1) Just to share with you a variety of important topics 
covered there that might be of interest to a larger number 
of our members .Those who wish to recieve this journal 
are welcome to contact any one of us ( Sriman Anbil Ramaswamy , 
Sri Sampath Rengarajan or myself ). Although we have a
membership list close to Four Hundred and are struggling 
to serve them through the tireless Kaimkaryams of Sriman Sampath
Rengarajan , Sri Venkatesh Elayavalli ( Home page designer 
cum archivist ) and Sri Anbil Ramaswamy ( Publisher ) , 
We feel it is appropriate to let you know once in a
while about the scope of coverage of this journal .   

(2) There has been discussions/ concerns about how far we go 
in terms of discussions on meanings of the three Rahasyams 
that are most important to Sri Vaishnava Community 
by the authors in number of forums . Our position has always 
been clear .AchAryAs have the central role in this matter .
The full fruit is obtained only when the rahasyArthams
are learnt in the time honored AchArya -Sishya upadEsam
and Kaalakshepam route .
The editorial below states clearly our views on this 
imporatant subject . This would help to clear up any 
confusions and attest to the reverence that one should
always have for our AchAryAs of our SampradhAyam .

Daasan , V.Sadagopan 

Subject: Saranagathi Vol.02.004
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 03:50:07 PST

Senior Vice President :  V. SADAGOPAN

Srimaan Venkata Naathaarya Kavi Taarkika Kesari /
Vedantaachaarya Varyo Mey Sannidatthaam Sadaa Hridhi //

          (Official Journal of SDDS)
Editor - in - Chief :    V. SADAGOPAN
Co- Editor :             SAMPATH RENGARAJAN
Publisher :              ANBIL RAMASWAMY

Sarva Dharmaan Parithyajya Maam Ekam Saranam Vraja /
Aham Tvaa Sarva Papebhyo Mokshayishyaami /
Maa Sucha //
VOL :  02.004                                       28 Feb. 1999

In this  Issue:

1.  Editorial
2.  Acharya  Vamsa  Vriksham  - Part  28 - Anbil  Ramaswamy
3.  PradhAna Sathakam - Part 9 - V. Sadagopan
4.  Upakara Sangraham part 2 -  U.Ve.Anantha Narasimhachar,
5.  Learn our tradition (sampradhAya) the easy way
    - A course for Kids/Beginners: Grade 1
    "Lesson 5" - "Virtuous Conduct" - Anbil Ramaswamy
1. Editorial

Dear Bhagavatas,

Many of the Sri Sookthis of Swami Desikan and other great AchAryAs
are outstanding  treatises that help us understand the illustrious
doctrines  of Sri  Vaishnavam  .  At best,  they have to be learnt
through the traditional  KAlakshEpam   route under the sacred feet
of a  SadAchAryan  .  Such  an  essential  route  is  not  readily
available to many of us .  With these  difficulties  in mind , our
most merciful  AchAryAs have written  explanatory texts in an easy
-to-  comprehend  manner for our benefit , which in turn whets our
appetite to seek the SadAchAryAs  and learn the deeper meanings in
the time honored manner .

The Editorial  Board of  SaraNAgathi  Journal has released in this
context expanded English  "translations"  of Swami Desikan's works
such as Parama Padha  SobhAnam,  PradhAna  Sathakam  from Tamil or
maNipravALam texts. The welcome postings of Sri Anbil Ramaswamy on
PAdath thittam  are based on the  informative  monographs  of SevA
Swami , who has dedicated his life to spread the enduring  message
of Swami Desika enshrined in his many granthams. BhakthAs like Sri
Vijayaraghavan  of Buffalo  are  performing  yet  another  sort of
Kaimkaryam in making  available  the text of valuable  articles on
important   upadEsa  granthams  by  Scholars  like  Sri  Ananatha
NarasimhAchAr  Swamy  through  their  shrama  dhAnam .  We plan to
expand these efforts in future to extend our reach to these source
granthams of our AchAryAs through  Extended  English  translations
and  adaptations , while being  sensitive to preserve the meanings
of the original granthams .

We also wish to state  that we will stay away from  commenting  on
the esoteric  meanings of the rahasya  thrayams in the articles of
SaraNAgathi  Journal,   so  that  we do  not  commit  any  AchArya
apachAram  by  straying  into  areas,  where we depend on our most
merciful  AchAryAs for guidance and  instruction  .  Any reference
made to the  rahasyArthams  will hence be at the most  superficial
level to maintain the flow of thoughts .  We encourage the readers
to obtain and enjoy the deeper  meanings  through the  traditional
route of  AchArya  UpadEsam  through  KaalakshEpam  route  .We are
pleased to learn that such  intensification of AchArya Sambhandham
is already  happening as attested by the increase in  samasrayaNam
and  BharanyAsams  amongst  our NRI  members .  This indeed is the
goal  and  purpose  of  our  kaimkaryam   through  the  medium  of
SaraNAgathi  journal.

DAsan , V.Sadagopan  Editor-in-Chief