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From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 10:55:40 PST

Sri V. Srimahavishnu wrote:
> can someone kindly explain to adiyE why PerumAL at Melkote 
> wakes up very late in the morning(9 AM)?

I also wondered about this during my recent visit.
At Tiruvallikkeni, Srirangam, and other Divya Desams,
the suprabhAtam, etc., happen at 6 AM or so. At Melkote
it is sometimes as late as 9:30 or 10 in the morning!
This is something to note when outsiders visit. Don't go
to Melkote early in the morning and expect sEvai!

I asked around, and what my relatives said is that Melkote
is a grAma (small village), and operates on a much slower
pace than the city. In addition, it is often quite cold in  
Melkote in the morning (it is on a hill in Karnataka after
all).  Things naturally happen later there.

Anyone who has been to both Madras and Bangalore knows how
the weather affects the rising times of the respective peoples
of these cities!