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Re: A Tamil Krithi on Sriman NaarAyanan

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Sun Mar 07 1999 - 15:16:29 PST

Another congrats to Sri Sadagopan.  It is high time our esteemed
visistadvaitam got publicity through the medium of music.  I did not really
know the power of music.  In my mind music and philosophical thinking were a
little divorced from each other.  There are stalwart speakers who speak in
temples and lectures.  The listeners come out of these lectures, some
confused, some, mad that they did not agree with the lecture and some happy
that they understood and really liked the lecture.  However, I have seen 180
to 200 people almost all in tears (which obviously cannot be acting: since,
there is not enough glycerine around) when they participate in some really
energetic bhajan sessions, which did happen recently here in San Diego.  I
realized only then, that namasamkirthanam has its wide attraction and long
lasting sway over the hearts of one and all, devotees and stone hearted
people alike.

This is the way many advaitic preachers brought to light their granthams in
popular music ( the nirvana shatka - chidananda rupah sivoham sivoham is one
fine example) ;  so did the chaitanya sampradaya, meera, and many devotees
touched the hearts of millions.  Someone should popularize visistadvaitic
gems in this way;  I am sure our alwars have done the very same; however,
eventhough at that time alwars' tamil was sort of spoken language, today the
alwar's tamil can hardly be understood by modern day folks when heard.  I
may be the odd person out here who is not exposed to tamil literature.  But
I dont think I am very much off when I state that one cannot understand
alwars hymns like understanding spoken tamil, which I very much understand
(ie, when tamizh-nad acharyas like H.H azhagia singar speaks).

I sincerely hope that one of the tamil singers can set this to tune.  I will
ask Dr. C.M Venkatachalam of San Diego to set this to tune and ask my wife
Krishna Priya to sing it and record it on tape.

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From: Sadagopan <>
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Date: Sunday, March 07, 1999 2:06 PM
Subject: A Tamil Krithi on Sriman NaarAyanan

>Dear BhakthAs :
>I would like to share with you a krithi
>which salutes the three Rahasyams dear to
>Sri VaishNavaas . At the outset , let me ease
>your minds by pointing out that this krithi of mine
>does NOT deal with the inner meanings of these Rahasyams ,
>but only pays tribute to the glory of these  Rahasyams .
>Palalvi , Anu pallavi and CharaNam sections
>deal with AshtAksharam , Dhvayam and Charama
>slOkam respectively .
>The Krithi can be sung in Raagam , KalyANi .
>The pallavi section alone can also be set in
>the Raagam-ThAnam-Pallavi format .
>Pallavi :      Namakkini BhayamEthu
>               Naathan Naamam sollum
>Anu Pallavi :  sErkkum ThirumahaL aruLAl
>               NaaraNan pAthangaL paRRiya ( namakkini )
>CharaNam :     DharmangaL yellaam tavirtthu
>               avanE gathi yena nadanthu
>               paDum thyuar yellaam azhinthu
>               Aananthak kadalil moozhki niRkum (Namakkini )
>(Meaning for tamil Text )
>Pallavi : For us , who recite our Lord's sacred
>name , where is the occasion for fear anymore  ?
>Anu pallavi : For us , who have arrived at the sacred
>feet of NarAyaNan through the intercession of Sri Devi ,
>where is the occasion for fear anymore ?
>CharaNam : Relinquishing all DharmAs and taking refuge
>in Him alone ,liberated from all sorrows , we stand
>immersed in the ocean of bliss . For us , who have thus
>performed SaraNAgathi ,where is the occasion for fear
>anymore ?
>Sarvam KrishNArpaNam
>Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil V.Sadagopan
>P.S : It will be wonderful , if Musicians in our
>group like Sri Mani Varadarajan can set it to Music .