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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Mar 06 1999 - 06:28:26 PST

Dear Sri Srimahavishnu :

Sri Kulasekarar's sampUrNa RaamAyaNam 
is part of the Thillai ThirucchitthirakUtam
Paasurams . AzhwAr saw the Lord Govindharaajan
there as Sri Ramachandran resting with
His dear consort SitA Piraatti at the chitrakutam
as described by Aadhi Kavi ,Vaalmiki .

Thillai ThirucchitthirakUtam kshEthram is
reachable from  Chidhambharam Railway
station.At one time , there was a jungle here
made up of ThilyA trees , which are abundant
in Sri Vaikuntam .Hence this kshEthram is 
known as Thillai Vanam . The abundant presence
of " ThiyO VrukshA: " made one think of 
the virgin forests of ChithrkUtam in the North ,
where Sri ramachandra and Sri SitA piraatti 
had a most memorable , plesant stay during
their self-imposed exile from Ayodhyai .  

You might also recall that KulasEkharar
was a great devotee of Srimadh RaamayaNam 
and had pourANikars recite and intrepret
Srimadh RaamayaNam in his royal court 
every day .

KulasekharA was thrilled with RaamAyaNam related 
themes and hence he focussed on Sri Ramachandran 
in number of his Thirumozhis :

1 .Singing Lullaby to the infant Raama in 
PerumAL Thirumozhi : 8 saluting ThirukkaNNapuratthu

2.DasarathA's sorrow over the thought of his 
dear son, Raaghavan entering the forest to
fulfill the vow in PerumAL Thirumozhi: 9

3. SampUrNa RaamAyaNam to salute Thillainagar
ThiruchitthirakUtatthu EmperumAn as Sri Raamachandran
of Chithrakoot mountain of north .There Sri Raama was 
very happy to reside with His dear Consort enjoying
the majestic bounties of nature .Incidents described 
by Sri VaalmIki in every khANdam of his Srimadh RaamAyaNam 
is described with great Bhakthi by KulasEkharar 
( PerumAL Thirumozhi:10).

This is the last patthu of PerumAL Thirumozhi
of KulasEkarar. After this , he felt that there 
is no need to say more and concluded his divya 
prabhandham with the phala sruthi:

KozhiyarkkOn kudaikkulasEkaran soRR seytha 
nalliyalin Tamizh maalai patthum vallAr 
nalam thihazh NAARANAN adik keezh naNNUvArE
-- Periya Thirumozhi : 10.11

Here , he asures those who would study and
understand his ten paasurams on Thillai 
ThirucchitthirakUtatthu Emperuman and reflect
on their meanings will find their secure
place at the lotus feet of Sriman NaarAyaNan
in Sri Vaikuntam . Parama PurushArtha siddhi
is indicated here for those , who study his
sampUrNa RaamAyana paasurams based on 
Srimadh RaamAyaNam .

I wrote a 40 plus pages manuscript in Tamil
on this divya desam celebrated by KulasEkarar ,
Thirumangai and Sri Mutthuswami DhIkshithar 
( 4 moving krithis on the PerumAL of
this divya desam ). Anyone , who wishes
to translate it into English is welcome to
contact me .
best wishes ,

At 03:51 AM 1/1/96 +0530, you wrote:
>:      Om SrI KrishNAya namah.
>:               dear BhAgavtas,
>:                            namO namah.
>:       In KulaSEkhara rAmAyaNam, why the ALwAr repeatedly says
>:"Tillainagar TirucchittirakUdam"?I understand that these two places are
>:DDs.Many BhAgavatas have written earlier that vAlmIKi rAmAyaNam is the
>:only prAmANika rAmAyaNam for us.then what about this "Kutti" rAmAyaNa?
>                                SrI rAmachandra charaNau SaraNam prapadyE
>:                                           adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan
>:                                               V.Srimahavishnu