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About myself (new member).

From: T.S.Srikanth Iyengar (
Date: Sat Mar 06 1999 - 00:39:07 PST

hello friends,
    i am srikanth iyengar t.s. ,a software engineer in vembu systems (p)
i am 21 years old staying in a room in velachery(vijaya nagar).my home
town is madurai.
i am very much interested in our traditions,principles which we follow
and i have strong faith in
vaishnavism and lord narayana.
i am very much interested in studying vedas and want to follow in life.
can anyone show me the route
regarding the mode of study . how can we learn veda sastras and
can we learn by ourselves with the help of books?
please extend help in these aspects hereafter.
this is a short glimpse of myself.
-- srikanth.
Thanks and Regards

T.S.Srikanth Iyengar,
Vembu Systems (P) Limited,
Chennai -600 042.
Phone No :: 091-044-244 14 14.