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Periya Thirumozhi 2.1- Oh mind! You are so great!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Mar 05 1999 - 00:35:16 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In the first hundred, ThirumangaiAzhwAr enjoyed the Thirumanthra laabham 
and the esoteric meanings of the same and then realised the Lord housed 
in Thirumanthram being available so gracefully at Divya dEsams for us as 
our refuge.

In this hundred AzhwAr desires the sustenance of thoughts on Bhagawadh 
kaimkaryam alone in his mind, always and pleads the Lord for the same.  
First ten of this hundred, describes AzhwAr's appreciation of his mind 
for its able support and thought on Bhagawadh kaimkaryam 

1. On my friendly supportive mind! My Swami- the One who stays 
permanently in the hearts of thapasvis- the One who stays at the hills 
of ThiruvEmkatam where the smoke arising out of burnt "agil" tree 
branches and stems that are thrown on the fire by the forest hunters- 
the One who appeared as little dwarf Vaamanan - and to such Greatest 
Lord- you have desired to perform kaimkaryam; You have sought such 
Greatest sweet kaimkaryam like Nithya sooris! 

2. This Lord certainly grants mOksham and hence, definitely we will get 
to perform servitude to Him. - Declares AzhwAr in this pAsuram. This 
Lord- is unparalleled peerless- unbounded Greatest Lord who has no 
relations. He, out of His own will, blesses few and due to which their 
sins and sorrows are removed! And their births are destroyed! Oh my 
supportive mind! How can I admire you and appreciate you! You have 
become servant to the Lord of ThiruvEmkatam where kuRinji-tuned songs 
are hummed by bees along with the gypsy women- You have sought to 
perform kaimkaryam to such Most virtuous Swami, who is there at 

3. Oh my mind! The adiyaars- Bhagawathas- who carry the flower garlands 
and praise the Lord- and their relatives are saved by the Lord of 
ThiruvEmkatam by standing here (at ThirumalA) and are sent to Parama 
padham from here straight. He stays in that ThiruvEmkatam as the temple 
where the joyful bees are drinking honey; The Lord- who rules Sri 
Vaikuntam (as Nithya vibhUti) and this ThiruvEmkatam (i.e. the Earth- as 
leelA vibhUthi) to whom you have desired to perform eternal kaimkaryam. 
(You are great!)

4. My dear mind! You have done a good thing without getting distracted! 
The Lord who has appeared here as various avtaars to save the devotees 
(who had sought to serve Him)- who has settled at Divya dEsams and sends 
the devotees through archiraadhi maargam to Parama padham. Such 
Emperumaan is Gopi vallabhan; My Swami. This Lord of ThiruvEkatam is the 
dearest Lord of Nithya sooris and the life of theirs. You have sought to 
perform kaimkaryam to Him. Great!     

5. Oh mind! You did not get distracted by those Jains and Buddhists, who 
are there in their respective temples with their demi gods. Good that 
you are able to seek for performing eternal kaimkaryam to the Lord of 
ThiruvEmkatam (where dEvAs come and praise Him) - the Most Beautiful 
eyed Lord- the One who does to the satisfaction of His devotees by 
fulfilling their desires.

6. Oh mind! You have sought to perform kaimkaryam to the Lord of 
ThirumalA that is full of lovely deer. Good that you did NOT care a damn 
about the fat pot bellied, saffron clad Jains who have shaved off their 
heads, and wander along with one another, eat eat and keep on getting 
fat. You are a great vivEki! You have done a right thing!

7. Having only the arguments and tharkaam as their forte, these jains 
have attempted to (are trying to) establish their religion. They eat a 
lump of rice mixed with solid cured and get their throats choked up. Oh 
mind! That's all they do. Argue- and eat. Nothing else. You are great! 
You have sought to perform Nithya kaimkaryam to the Lord, who has got 
ThiruvEmkatam as His permanent place of stay - who is the antharyaami of 
the Sun.

8.  When varous people talk about and describe SarvEshwaran- some say, 
"He is there at the farthest place and is inaccessible to us" and do not 
attempt to go near Him or reach Him; some say" He is very close and so 
near" but not seek Him; some think of Him as a small person, by citing 
His Sowlabhyam and go away (by ignoring Him); Some say "You just can NOT 
dare reach Him; for He is so Big!" Oh my dear mind! Though they all 
blabbered such statements, you never listened to them. You have sought 
to perform kaimkaryam to the Lord of ThiruvEmkatam where pearls drop 
from the bamboo tree stems; - the Lord of Cowherds- Why did you never 
utter a word to me about Him and His greatness, about your desire to 
seek Him? (You should have told me!)

9. My mind! Listen to me attentively; You mingled with people - got long 
with them- ate with them and listened to them; Those who are devotees of 
the Lord dance, sing His glories and pay their obeisance to Him; But 
they never get to know His actual Greatness and Glories fully and 
completely. The Lotus born BrahmA, the One who is praised by everyone- 
Indran- Sivan- they too (ARE NOT aware of His Greatness) come to 
ThiruvEmkatam and pay their obeisance to SarvEshwaran (the Chief of 
Cowherd men) there. You are great! You have sought to perform eternal 
servitude to Him!

10. The Lord - the One who stays permanently at ThiruvEmkatam, where the 
dark clouds move long with the lightning as if the darkness walks 
holding a lamp along with it- the One who appeared as a Hamsam to save 
Vedas and handed over to BrahmA- the Chief of Nithya sooris- about whom 
this poet of Thirumangai has sung in sweet Tamil pAsurams. Those who 
read them will have Paramapadham as their permanent abode.  

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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