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nAcciyAr tirumozhi VII - karuppUram nARumO 2

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Wed Mar 03 1999 - 19:19:45 PST

      SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam

             nAcciyAr tirumozhi VII - karuppUram nARumO
      pASuram 7.2 (seventh tirumozhi - pAsuram 2 kaDalil piRandu)

A. Translation from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

"Oh! Beautiful Sa~ngE!  How lucky you are that even though 
you had a very ordinary birth and life initially (born in 
the salty ocean and growing up in the body of the 
rAkshasa by name pa~ncajanan), you have the bhAgyam of 
leading your life in the highest of places one can aspire 
for, viz. bhagavAn's Hands, and you now induce terror in 
the hearts of these evil asura-s". 

kaDalil piRandu karudAdu pa~ncajanan
 uDalil vaLarndu pOi UzhiyAn kait-talattu
iDaril kuDiyErit-tIya aSurar
 naDalaip paDa muzha~ngum tORRattAi naR-ca~nge

B. Additional thoughts (from SrIman SaDagOpan):

Through the phrase "tIya asurar naDalaip-paDa muzha~ngum
tORRattAi", ANDAL echoes the meaning of the phrase "yasya 
dhvanir dAnava darpa-hantA" in pa~ncAyudha stotram, which 
means  "the sound emanating from which (conch) puts an end 
to the pride of the asura-s".

C. Additional thoughts (from SrI PVP ):

ANDAL is appealing to pA~ncajanyam that just as he is 
inducing terror into the hearts of the evil asura-s, he 
should induce joy into the hearts of the devotees like her.  
Just as his sound destroys those who do not love emperumAn, 
he should make those who love Him, lead a good life.

Instead of taking the reference to the birth of pA~ncajanyam 
in the salty ocean with a negative connotation, one can 
also interpret that pA~ncajanyam was born in the ocean 
which nurtures enormous forms of life and thus serves
a selfless purpose for the sake of these life forms.  
ANDAL reminds pa~ncajayam of the selfless nature of the 
place of his birth, and echo this and selflessly help others 
like her. 
Just as the Sa~nkham grew up in the asura's body, ignoring 
his dosham, it must help godai also, ignoring her faults. 

pa~ncajanan uDalil vaLarndu: Sa~nkam earned the name 
pA~ncajanyam because of growing in the asuran pAncajanan's 
body. When kaNNan came to rescue His teacher SAntIpini's 
son, He killed the asura, took the Sa~nkam from his
stomach and owned it.

tIya aSurar naDalaip paDa muzhangum tORRattAi: 
SrI PVP draws a parallel between the life of kaNNan and 
that of pA~ncajanyam, and suggests that it is no wonder 
that pA~ncajanya AzhvAr has the paratvam similar to 
perumAL (in one sense, even better than perumAL -
see next paragraph).  kaNNan was born in one place 
(in the prison to devaki), grew up in a different place 
(tiruvAIppADi), settled in a third place (dvArakA), and 
destroyed the asura kamsan and others.  So also,
pA~cajanyam was born in the ocean, grew up in an asura's 
body, lived in bhagavAn's tiruk-kai, and terrorized the 
asura-s by its very ghosham.   "sagOshO dhArtharAshtrAnAm 
h*rdayAni vyadArayat" (gItA 1-19) - that pAncajanya sound 
tore apart the hearts of dhr*tarAshtra's sons. "yasya
nAdEna daityAnAm bhalahAnirajAyata" (vishNu purANam 5-21-29) 
- with pAncajanyam's sound, the aSura's strength was vanquished.

nal Sa~ngE: In a sense, the Sa~nkam is one step better 
than emperumAn, who creates this world based on karmA, 
calculating the good and bad that the created beings do,  
and rewarding the good and punishing for the bad; the
Sa~nkam treats even the bad as good (it grew even in 
the aSuran's stomach). 

godai's talking about pA~ncajanyan as being born in one 
place, being brought up in another and staying put in a 
third place reminds SrI PVP of na~njIyar, who left all his 
wealth and came to SrI BhaTTar to serve him.  anantAzhwAn
told nanjIyar that for the latter to have a real new birth, 
he should be born in tirumantram (get svarUpa j~nAnam - namely, 
he should realize that he belongs only to emperumAn and he 
should serve only Him), should grow up in dvayam (know 
that emperumAn who has pirATTi with Him is his only upAyam) 
and stay put in the meaning of dvayam (do all kaimkaryams 
with this knowledge).

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyEti samarpayAmi.

Kalyani Krishnamachari