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Ahimsa ParamoDharmaha

From: Praveena (
Date: Tue Mar 02 1999 - 21:34:54 PST

Narayana! Narayana!

Dear Bhaktas:

We as Vaishnavas try not to hurt any living being.
Ahimsa is given lot of importance in our Philosophy.
Swami Desikar in his Rahasyartham places 'Ahimsa' as 
the first flower in which astaksharam has to be meditated on.

So, I want to know is, how is it that silk sarees are used in most 
of the Vaishnavite houses? Does it have any special significance?
Is this practice a religious one or it has just been accepted because 
people use it?

It is difficult to imagine around 60000 silk worms being melted in the 
heated vessel for 1 silk saree? How many such silk sarees are used 
for a wedding?

I read in a Dharma sastra book that 'Pattu' ( silk) does not have 
' dosham' if used during sandhya vandanam. Does it mean that 
all other times  it has 'Dosham'?

If any of the Bhaktaas can throw light it would be helpful.

Praveena nAmin Ramanuja dAsi
3rd Mar 1999