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Periya Thirumozhi-1.10- ini yaan unnai yenRum vidEnE

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Mar 02 1999 - 01:04:36 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ThirumangaiAzhwAr proceeds to plead the Lord of TirumalA for His 
unbounded limitless mercy that pours out on His own out of His Greatest 
compassion on us. let us enjoy this nice ten on AzhwAr's plea. 

1. Oh Lord! The One who killed rAvaNan, the king of lankA, which is 
surrounded by oceans, by piercing his strong chest with Your sharp 
arrows! (Raamaa!), Oh Lord of ThiruvEmkatam, where even dEvAs come and 
pay obeisance to You! aNNA! Please have mercy on me and alleviate my 

2.  Oh Lord! The one who thrashed and chased away  maali and other 
asurAs of lankA that day, by riding on GarudA and sending the Strong 
ChakrA! Oh Lord of ThiruvEmkatam, where even Sun and Moon deviate from 
their tracks due to the tall Vemkata Mountain! Oh Lord! the One who 
wears ThuLasi maalai on Your Head! Please shower Your grace on me! 

3.  Oh Unparalleled Lord! the Chief of all!  the One who had the vast 
deep Oceans, the Big Huge Earth, the Tall mountains, and everything in 
the Universe in His stomach during mahApraLayam (Cosmic Cycle), and 
reclined on the small banyan leaf to  protect the Universe and beings! 
Oh Lord of ThirumalA! ArAvamudhE! (Insatiable Nectar!) Please show mercy 
on me!

4. Oh Lord! The One - Cowherd Boy- who ate the butter that is kept in 
the hanging rope ("uRi') as the sweet nectar! The One who appeared as 
Vaamanan and measured the whole Universe in two steps of His "little" 
(?) Feet! The Lord of ThiruvEmkatam! dEvaadhi dEvA! Please show mercy on 

5. Oh Lord! The one who appeared from a pillar and tore the body of 
hiraNyan and killed him! NarasimhA! The One who has AdhisEshan - 
ThiruananthAzhwAn as His Bed! The Lord of Great ThiruvEmkatam! Please 
come out of Your own will and out of Your Greatest compassion, have 
mercy on me! 

6. Emperumaan- The One who has saved me from this most sorrowful births 
and deaths by taking me to Him, and alleviating my sorrows- the One who 
shows Himself so gracefully at TirumalA, where the clouds take a nap and 
relax along with the lightning- is in my heart and shows Himself there! 
9Can you all see this? Till last pAsuram, AzhwAr says "Please show mercy 
on me and now he declares: He is in my heart! It is real!)

7. Oh Lord! The One who conquered the seven Oxen and killed them for 
joining the deer-like eyed- most beautiful Nappinnai PiraaTTi! The One 
who is so SWEET like the Honey! (thEnE!) the King of ThiruvEmkatam! You 
have come to reside permanently in my heart!      

8. The Lord- Em perumaan- the One who is at the farthest distance 
(inaccessible at all) for non-bhakthas- the One who is very easily 
accessible for His bhakthAs, with a mere desire to seek Him; the Most 
wonderful Lord (because) for He has decided (out of His own will) to 
stay in my heart too; The One who shows Himself so beautifully at 
TirumalA, where the most precious and valuable diamond stone, pearls, 
are all simply dropping from the breakage of bamboo tree stems and 
scattered all over the mountains (because of which also its lustre gets 
manifolded)- Such Greatest Lord is ThiruvEmkatamudaiyaan- Sri nivasan- 
Cowherd boy, KaNNan- whose Lotus Feet only do I know and I know of 

9.  Oh Lustrous light which never ever dims and extinguishes! Oh Lord- 
the One who alleviates our sorrows! Oh Lord- the One who is capable of 
ANYTHING AND EVRYTHING THAT we seek for(including Paramapadha vaasam)! 
Oh perumAnE! ChinthAmaNI! The One who is at ThirumalA! my Lord! You came 
to me; You entered into my heart (out of Your Greatest Compassion and 
dayA!); You stayed there; and NOW adiyEn (I) shall never ever LEAVE YOU. 
(I simply can not resist my temptation of writing the transliterated 
version here for its superb, simple style and lovely meanings! Read and 

"vandhaay; en manam pugundhaay; manni ninRaay/ nandhaadha kozhu~n 
chudarE! ye~ngaL nambhI!/
 chinthA maNiyE! ThiruvEkatam mEya/ endhaay! * ini yaan unnai yenRum 

10. The Lord who shows Himself gracefully at TirumalA where hunters roam 
around (in the dense forests of ThiruvEmkatam)- the Lord of most 
strongest shoulders- the Lord whose beauty is like Blue hued Emerald 
stone- Emperumaan Srinivsan- about whom Kaliyan has sung and blessed us 
with these garland of words (pAsurams) - and those who read them (or 
these meanings) will be blessed to perform Nithya Kaimkaryam (eternal 
servitude) at Srivaikunatm, like Nithya sooris.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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