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Re: dwAdasI pAranam

From: L . Vijayaraman (
Date: Mon Mar 01 1999 - 12:26:00 PST

Dear Praveena Madam,

>1.    Shri Varaha PurAnam - there are about 32 'offences' ......
>However, if the food is digested, i.e., after taking food in the morning
>we can go to the temple in the evening.
That makes sense and thanks for this info.

> My father said the correct understanding woule be "Upavaasam is
>actually part of Vratham, meaning, upavaasam is performed with a
>motive to get closer to our lord".  As we all are aware of EkAdasi is one
>among many Vrathams.
That synchronises adiyen's understanding as well.