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Thiruvaaimozhi 4.6- VaidhyO NarayaNO Hari:

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 00:49:02 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr, while enjoying his Aanandha anubhavam of Emperumaan in his mind 
and sings in praise of Him, simultaneously, he wishes and longs to see, 
touch and hear Him and His guNAs with his physical body. He longs to 
have such enjoyment too and faints and falls unconscious.  

In this Thiruvaaimozhi decad 4.6, AzhwAr narrates so nicely about the 
advice and prescriptions suggested by  the friends of "parAgusa Nayaki" 
(lady AzhwAr) for her unconsciousness. The medicine and the Doctor is 
all the same and we know already - VaidhyO NarayaNO Harih:.

1.  Oh Mothers! (of Parangusa Nayaki)! Where else we will search for the 
Doctors who can alleviate her sufferings and disease? Investigating 
closely (based on the history of her disease), we have found out clearly 
the type and nature of her illness. KaNNan, who drove the chariot for 
the PANdavAs, the One who enabled PANdavAs to win in the KurukshEthra 
Battle, has fallen in love with this Girl. This girlís mind is following 
Him completely.

2.  This disease of hers has come due to the BIGGEST deivam. You all 
think that it is some demi-Godís action and are trying some other 
irrelevant medication like maanthreekam. Donít do any thing. Simply 
utter Sanghu and Chakram in her ears, which she is so fond of and loves 
to hear; that will definitely do good to her illness. You will see by 
yourself with your eyes. Donít get confused with what other say. Just 
talk about Bhagawan Sriman NarayaNan and she will become completely all 
right.  (It appears Aaicchiís son was bed ridden and on his death bed- 
his eyes showed a confused state and Parasara Bhattar went and uttered 
in hise ears "Azhaghiya MaNavaaLa PerumALE saraNam-" and that cleared 
his vision and till his last breath, Aaicchiís son was uttering the same 
words and entered His abode.) 

3.  Mothers! Look at this. Please do not throw the meat and liquor at 
her for curing her unconsciousness. I know what is her illness. She has 
fallen for the Maayappiraan, The One who has the Most fragrant ThuLasi 
garland on His head. If we sing in praise of His Feet, just by hearing 
that alone, she will automatically get cured. That is the Best Medicine 
for her illness.

4.  For her illness, it is not the rice malt (kanji) or barley water. Do 
not listen to this local village lady vaiddhiyar (doctor) and do 
unnecessary, irrelevant things for curing her illness.  What is the use 
of offering red rice and black rice to the dEvAs and demi-Gods? Just 
utter the name of Emperumaan Sriman NarayaNan, who ate the entire 
universe during PraLaya kaalam and spat later for its sustenance and 
save the Universe. Do that and get back her alive.

5.  Donít think by doing all those unnecessary things, you will get her 
back simply. No. The Beautiful flower like eyed girl- this "kovvaip 
pazha" lipped girl, has been just languishing for Emperumaan. That Lord 
of hers had killed the elephant called kuvalayaapeetam. By just telling 
His name, simply apply the dust gathered from the feet of His bhakthAs. 
Immediately she will be all right. 

6.  Oh mothers! Whenever she gets this illness, do not please "play this 
"aNanghaaduthal" means dancing as if Deivam has entered into the 
dancerís body- and try to cure this illness! No it just can NOT be cured 
in this fashion.  The illness only gets aggravated for our 
misunderstanding of its severity. Emperumaan is the Blue hued coloured 
Maayavan. Try to bring His devoteesí dust from their feet. That is the 
Best medicine for her illness. There is no other medicine. (Once, 
AgaLangha NaatAzhwAn King showed VaNdar and CheNdar (the devotees of 
Lord Sriman NarayaNA) the lion statue at amaNan Paazhi and said "This is 
ThirumuRRam and bow down to the Feet". They also thought it is true and 
prostrated and when they realised that it is samaNa kOil (jaina temple) 
they fell unconscious.  PiLLai uRangaavilli dAsar, when he applied on 
their foreheads (Sri Paadha thULi) the dust from his Feet , they 
regained their consciousness.)

7.  Oh Mothers! There is absolutely NO USE by dancing like this in such 
trances and offering such meat and liquor to demi Gods? Only your 
shoulders will pain. Is there any use in looking at the lips of the 
donkey when it is eating  the paddy seeds (spread outside your house for 
drying it) ? Hence, act immediately. Stop all those activities. Pay 
respects to Sri VaishNavAs, the devotees of Maayavan. She will get 

8.  To cure her disease, you have to approach Sri VaishNavAs. With those 
vEdic scholars, praise Him and bow down to Him, the Chief of Nitya 
sUris. You have left all this and are going to smaller Demi Gods,  doing 
irrelevant things; Please do not commit such mistakes. Mixing with the 
liquor and meat,  offering to demi Gods, dancing, beating drums and 
entering in unnecessary trances- is all totally wrong for your lineage. 
Do not stoop down to such low measures. 

9.  You are talking all low stuff by dancing and drumming. You are 
dancing by stooping down to such low measures. I am NOT able to stand 
and see you doing all these WRONG unnecessary things. Pray to KaNNan. 
Prostrate at His Feet and That is the Only medicine for her. He will 
take care if her for all her seven (times seven ) births. He will save 
her. He is the Saviour for all of us. Praise His Feet. 

10.  This Girl will NOT prostrate at any oneís Feet except that of 
Emperumaan. But, you all are shaking your shoulders with such useless 
dances (trances) and do all that you like to do. My Lord KaNNan, the 
Chief of DwarakA is the only medicine for her. You please praise Him and 
His Feet. He is praised even in VedAs. She will survive only with that.

11.  Sri SadagOpar, the One who was born in faultless, blemisless  
Thirukkurugoor, has sung and danced in praise of the Blue Hued Lord 
Emperumaan Sriman NarayaNan. Hence, he got his karmic diseases cured 
completely. Out of his 1000 excellent faultless pAsurams, those who read 
these ten pAsurams will NOT have any semblance of sorrows and diseases 
at all. 

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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