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Re: A Tribute to NammAzhwAr's Thiruviruttham : Part 2

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Sun Mar 29 1998 - 17:47:11 PST

At 04:51 PM 3/28/98 -0500, Sadagopan wrote:
>Dear BhakthAs and BhagavathALs :
>I will continue with the VislEsham and samslEsham
>moods of NammAzhwAr in this posting .
>SamslEsham and VislEsham as Bhagavad anubhavam
>" adiyOm thodarnthu kuRREval , adichciyOmadikkeezhk
>kuRREvalAhai avasthAntharam " 

Dear devotees,

This kainkaryam of Sri Sadagopan cannot be thanked sufficiently.  The
acharyas' anubhavams of the pasurams are no wonder classic! due to their
panoramic view of the shastras and untethered thoughts which pulls together
important strings of truth and wraps the vedic and tamil prabandham
information into an invaluable gift to humanity.  Without seeing through
the eyes and thoughts of our acharyas it is very difficult for us to make
out the meanings of these pasurams and vedic hymns. To bring these to
public who can communicate mainly in english medium only, is a laudable
task, that too on a daily basis.  Our Madhavakannan is contributing to this
kainkaryam with his unique style of writings.  May the divya dampatis and
our acharyas shower their grace on these benefactors.

>Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan 
>with your particpation .I have no more requests to make to
>you on behalf of Kaimkaryam for Sri Oppiliappan .
>I have got only ONE kiamkaryam that I want to get 
>involved in my life for a very special and sacred reason .
>That is the Kaimkaryam of realizing the construction
>of the Temple for Sri RanganAthA and Sri RanganAyaki 
>at Pomona , New York . Sri Anand wrote recently about 
>his unique and moving anubhavam of BhUmi pUjA for
>the construction of that special temple modeled in 
>every way after the holy temple in Srirangam .
>A great Bhaagavatha , Dr.Venkat Kanumalla has 
>lived every moment of his life to realize that 
>dream come true . A group of Sri RanganAtha PrEmis
>have contributed time and money to bring the kaimkaryam
>to the half way mark . The prANa prathishtai for the
>vigrahams have been done by parama padavaasi ,
>His Holiness , the 44th Jeeyar of AhObila Mutt. 
>The murthys of Srirangam ( periya PerumAL ) is
>the kula dhanam for every one of us . AzhwArs have 
>poured out their hearts over the mahimai of 
>Sri Ranganathan . Our AchAryAs have rooted themselves
>in Srirangam to be near Him and serve Him and His
>divine consort . The saraNAgathi Gadhyam was born there .
>Many miracles have happened to keep our sampradhAyam alive . 
>Although we have many kaimkaryams to support , this 
>particular one is very special and immediate one . Dr.Venkat
>Kanumalla will describe the status of the Kaimkaryam and
>seek your most valued help .
>Please , Please help to the best of your ability .
>Sri RanganAthA's blessing will always be with you 
>and your family . I will post a similar appeal
>in SaraNAgathi jouranl so that additional bhakthAs 
>could be made aware of the urgent need for their support 
>to this unique and special temple under construction for 
>the Sesha sAyee on the banks of the Hudson river in 
>New York . 
>DaasOham , Sadagopan  

I would like to add a few thoughts of mine here with respect to POMONA
Ranganatha Temple.  Sri Ranganatha is our Peria Perumal, who was worshipped
by Lord Rama himself.  It is our real good luck that such a rare occurrence
as PERIA PERUMAL himself will be coming to New York to visit us.  Probably
this is the only temple in US which will conform to the Pancha-ratra agamas
and will be equivalent to the divyadesams back in India.  This temple was
started with the blessings and instructions by the 44th Jeer who in fact
performed so many kainkaryams to God including the construction of the
Rajagopuram for Sri Ranganathar in Srirangam. Any help to this cause will
contribute to invaluable service to humanity and particularly folks in US.

adiyen Krishna Kalale