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Thiruvaaimozhi 4.5-I am the King of the world!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Mar 27 1998 - 05:32:28 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr narrated beautifully in the last decad of the suffering pangs of 
separation through "her" mother. In this decad of 4.5, AzhwAr has 
immersed himself in Emperumaan's leelA vibhUti and Nithya vibhUti and 
enjoys to the greatest extent. He describes marvellously as to how he 
has gained so much strength with His grace of showing Himself to him. I 
have absolutely NO GRIEVANCES- AzhwAr declares. 

1.  Emperumaan shows Himself the Supremacy of His peerless, unbounded, 
Primordial Chief of everything and everyone by differing from the rest 
in all respects. He rules with the fullest capability, all Seven worlds 
from that unparalleled Supreme Top, position; He is the Only Greatest 
Supreme Chief of both this and the upper world; Such Most Grandest Lord, 
has taken such Sowlabhya Avathaars in compatible with the earthly human 
beings and has endured with tremendous patience all their errors and 
apachaarams and destroyed their enemies too to protect them. He killed 
the asurA who had come as kEsi, the horse. Such Glorious KaNNan, My 
Emperumaan- Raising both my hands completely above my head and paying 
obeisance to Him- I am able to sing in praise of Him and am able to 
adorn His Head with my garland of such pAsurams. I have been blessed 
with such puNyams. Hereafter, THERE IS NO GRIEVANCE FOR ME EVEN IF I 

2.  My Emperumaan, The Most Beautiful Red Lotus eyed Lord, is the Chief 
of NityasUris. Periya Piraati, Sri MahAlakshmi, the One who has the Most 
Merciful, Most Beautiful Dark eyes (with Kaajal in Her eyes), the One 
who sits gracefully on the Lotus Flower, is staying in His Chest. He is 
the GOD of everyone- I am blessed to compose and sing in praise of such 
GREAT Lord of mine and make garland of words to decorate His ThirumEni. 
It is my Parama Bhagyam to praise Him even from this world of sorrows, 
due to which all the karmic diseases (including living in this cruel 
(materialistic?) world) are hereby removed AUTOMATICALLY.  Like that, I 
have been enjoying tremendous Bliss of His GuNAs. 

3.  Achuthan, My Emperumaan, has got CEASELESS, Never ending, Ever 
Permanent pErAnandham; The Parama Padham which if full of such ANANDHAM 
only and nothing else, itself is HIS SRI VAIKUNTAM. He is equipped with 
EVER PERMANENT Most Auspicious Glorious kalyANa guNAs (attributes). Look 
at His Eyes that are MOST BEAUTIFUL and SO GRACEFUL like the JUST 
BLOOMED cute Lovely Red Lotuses; Those two Divine Beautiful eyes SPEAK 
Volumes and Volumes about The ParamAnandham (Great Enjoyment, Bliss) 
that He has quite naturally. I am greatly blessed to sing, without any 
interruption or hurdles, in praise of Such Lord, who is the Chief of 
Nitya sUris. I have thereby obtained the limitless, endless Aanandham to 
the fullest extent.  

4.  Without expecting any benefit/fruit, those bhakthAs who pay 
obeisance to Him as their duty get their karmic diseases removed 
AUTOMATICALLY by Him. He showers so much mercy and grace on His such 
ParamaikAnthis. He also unites and joins with them fully. He has the 
Most Strongest Divine ChakrA; He comes so gracefully riding on The 
Divine GarudAzhwAr; I am most fortunate to have the capacity to sing 
with my tongue, in praise of Such Greatest Emperumaan, The SarvEshwaran. 
He has spanned Himself in all beings and non-beings, and in everything 
and in everyone; Such Greatest Emperumaan has also entered into the core 
of my atom-sized jIvAthman and given me Tremmmmendous Happiness and 
Bliss as much as He has. Is it just possible to praise Him in just 
simple pAsurams? (Definitely not;)

5.  Emperumaan, step, by step, slowly and steadily showed Himself ALL 
His kalyANa guNAs and made me enjoy Him to the Fullest and Greatest 
extent. Like that, for such a lowly mortal, self like me, He, The Most 
Grandest Lord of NityasUris, has lowered Himself and stooped down to my 
such lowest level. How great His Sowlabhyam is! He Himself has explained 
everything in detail to Arjun in gItA. He is My Master- About Him, I am 
blessed with the capacity of singing and making a garland of words of 
praise. Due to that, all my paapams and karma vinais have vanished are 
burnt to ashes; they have gone off faster than the wind. All my bondage 
has been removed and I am getting an eternal Bliss of singing 

6.  (Last pAsuram, AzhwAr declared that all his bondage have gone off- 
Now what do you want asks the Lord; AzhwAr in this pAsuram replies thus) 
Emperumaan has got the Most Gracefule, Big Dark, Blue hued ThirumEni 
(Divine Body). In that exquiesitely beautiful Body of His, there so nice 
dark large, reddy lined, Eyes; To add to that beauty, the kaajal (anjana 
choorNam) is applied on His eyes lightly and decoratively. Such Most 
Gorgeous looking KaNNan, My Lord is the Chief of NityasUris. I have been 
singing in praise of Him and making a garland of appropriate words; 
After having been blessed with such an ability, what else is the rarest 
thing hereafter for me? (Nothing else). (Thirukkuraugaippiraan PiLLaan,- 
the disciple of Sri RamanujA, the one wrote the commentary for 
Thiruvaaimozhi, as per Sri RamanujA's instruction- comments that the 
anjan choorNam as PacchaikaRpoora choorNam.)

7.  There has been no one, nor will there be anyone who is equal to 
Emperumaan (why to talk about superiority?). For His sowlabhyam and His 
mercy, dayA in every respect, there is NO ONE absolutely NO ONE equal to 
Him, but Himself. He is the One, Sarva sowlabhyan, who lifted the Big 
Govardhanagiri (The mountain called Govardhanam) and protected His aayar 
kulam and the cattle. He has blessed me with this capacity of praising 
His Glories in such garlands of words. Hence, what is my grievance 
hereafter? (none)

8.  Since I have caught hold of His Lotus Feet, He has become so sweet 
and dear to me; He is also dear and sweet to Periya Piraatti, Sri 
MahAlakshmi, the One sits on the Lotus Flower. He, The Chief of 
NityasUris and the whole universe as well, has got His Lotus Feet, 
carried by the Coolese Lotus Flowers below the Feet; He has graced me 
with His blessings and enabled me to sing in praise of such Lord, My 
Emperumaan. Hence, (you can say that) there CAN NOT BE ANYONE equal to 
me in this world and the Parama Padham as well after being blessed with 
such a capacity by the Peerless Emperumaan. (why AzhwAr says this is 
because it is extremely difficult rather impossible to sing in His 
praise in the midst of all these cruel, materialistic, dark, karmic 
world and earthly life, full of miserables; It is easier to do the same 
in Sri Vaikuntam ehere everyone does the same and it does not take extra 
effort.- On the same token, when AnasUyA, the Rishi Pathni, admired SitA 
Piraatti's PathivarathA guNA, Piraati says: Had RamA been a kurUpi 
(ugly) or less perfect or of bad character and if I am still a 
PathivrathA, it is a credit; Sri Raman- DharmO Vigrahavaan- Sathya 
ParAkraman- RajIva Lochanan- Most Beautiful lord of mine- being a 
PativarathA is not natural.- How nice !)

9.  Emperumaan spans Himself everywhere; exists everywhere and in 
everyone; dEvalOkA, BrahmalOkA, bhUlOkA, pAthAL lOkA, etc., etc.. He is 
there in all directions; He has the curved Divine Conch in His hand. I 
sing in praise of Him, Such Greatest Emperumaan, who danced with a pot 
on His Head; When I (the Lowly erathly self) am able to sing in praise 
of that Lord, Can anyone be equal to me? (No. I am the most superior of 
all for being blessed with this capacity). 

10.  Emperumaan retained the Entire universe in His stomach and 
protected during the Cosmic Cycle end and spat the same later after to 
bring back the sustenance.. He measured the entire universe in one step 
as Thrivikraman. He brought the Mother earth during Varaaha avathaar. He 
lied down (on the Dharbham - grass bed waiting for the Samudhra Rajan- 
the king of ocean at ThiruppullaNi). He showed Himself victroiously 
after wnning the battle at LankA. Then, He gracefully adorned the 
SimhAsanam (the throne) at AyOdhyA by standing as the PattAbhirAmar, 
during His PattAbhishEkham. When we look at such actions of His, we can 
very easily find out that He alone is the Chief of the worlds. About 
Him, to sing in praise of Him  in these pAsurams, How much puNyam I have 
committed! (really, dear sisters and brothers, How much puNyams have WE 
committed in OUR births to be blessed with such AzhwAr's mahA 
anubhavams!). These pAsurams (as well as the AzhwAr) are like the clouds 
that give the rains of eternal happiness to his BhagwathAs. (vaN thamizh 
nURka nORREn adiyaarkku inbha maariyE- this means I have composed these 
pAsurams like the clouds of happiness; OR adiyaarkku inbha maariyaana 
naan , vaN than\mizh nURka nORREn- i.e. I, the one who is like the cloud 
oof happiness, have composed…) In this pAsuram the first line goes thus: 
uNdum umizhndhum kadandhum idandhum kidandhum ninRum…. UNdum- eaten; 
umizhndhum- spat; kadandhum- measured, idandhum- brought back; 
kidandhum-lied down; ninRum- stood gracefully;- in just one line, please 
look at AzhwAr's play of words!

11.  In the cool mountains of ThiruvENkadam, it always rains and helps 
the world. ThiruvEnkadamudaiyaan, Sri NivAsa PerumAL, stands gracefully 
(raining His dayA on the world and helps us) at TirumalA. About Him, 
AzhwAr has sung 1000 pAsurams; AzhwAr, sri sadagOpar, was born in 
Thirukkurugoor. Out of those 1000, these ten verses (pAsurams) will 
SURELY and CERTAINLY bless its readers THE MERCIFUL katAksham of Sri 
MahAlakshmi. Their karmic diseases will AUTOMATICALLY get cured. (can 
anyone be superior or equal to us?)

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam                             

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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