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Tributes to Sri VenakatEsA of Sapthagiri by AzhwArs, AchAryAs and NathOpAsakAs , May 23-24, 1998 at Pittsburgh Sri VenkatEswarA temple .

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 17:49:15 PST

Dear BhakthAs of the Lord of Sapthagiri :

The agenda is getting finalized for the above
meeting . As you know , the Memorial day week end,
July 4 weekend and Labor day weekend attract a
very large number of sevArthis to the Pittsburgh Temple . 
There may be a crunch on hotel space during the time of 
our conference . Hence , I would like to recommend 
hotel reservations as soon a spossible for those , who plan 
to particpate including the invited speakers . 
The conference will start at 9.30 AM
on Saturday , May 23 and conclude by the afternoon of 
Sunday , May 24 . Hence you might need two to three 
nights reservations based on your travel plans at 
any one of the hotels nearby recommended in the Temple Web page 
( URL -- Information on the twelve hotels ,
their telephone numbers , et al are available there 
in addiiton to other info related to the temple .
Please look that home page up and make your
reservations . May I also request members residing 
in pittsburgh to come forward and help our visitors
with respect to the information that they would need 
in planning their trips .Thank You residents of Pittsburgh ,
who are members of the Bhakthi list .  

I will post the finalized agenda in a week's time .

Conference Chair Person