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FW: Dayasagara Satakam of Srimad Mukkur Azhagiya Singar verse 12

From: Bharadwaj, Jaganath (
Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 15:57:06 PST

>Srimate lakshmi nrsimha ParaBrahmaNE namah:
>SrimAn vEnkatanAthArya kavittArkika kesari VedAntachArya varyome sannidhattAm
>sadA hridi	I
>Sri ranganAtha Satakopa Yateendra drishtam
>lakshmi nrsimha saThajit karuNaika pAtram	I
>Sri rangaveer raghurAT saThakopa hridyam 
>VedAnta deSika yateendram aham prappadye	II
>PrahlAda prArthanA tushtam lakshmyA yuktam tadAsanE	I
>pitrudeva architam SAntam dayAsaragam AshrayE      	II
>Srimate SrivaN SaThakopa Sri VedAnta dESika yateendra mahAdEsikAya namah:	II
>PrahlAda prArthanA tushtam:-Sriman nArAyaNa in the extremely ferocious Lion
>form was unapproachable by anybody including all the devatas headed by Lord
>Brahma.  Such a form was immensely pleased upon hearing the prayers of the
>you boy PrahlAda and changed into a SAnta rupa form at the request of His
>tadAsanE:-On HirayaNyakasipu's throne
>lakshmyA yuktam:-One who gives darSanam of Himself along with Lakshmi
>SAntam:-His guNa of making Himself accessible to one and all.
>pitrudeva architam:-One who has been worshipped with all kinds of flowers
>offered out of fear by the ancestors of HiraNyakasipu and devas.  (The
>ancestors worshipped out of fear that such an evil descendant had the power
>to drag all of them to hell because of his misdeeds.  The devas had become
>virtual beggars and wanted to get back their lost position and authority.)
>dayAsAgaram:-	The ocean of mercy Lakshmi  nrsimhan, who was seated
>victoriously on the throne and who by His cool, merciful glances removed the
>bad qualities of all the devas, gandharvas and others present there and
>blessed them with all kinds of siddhi. . 
>AshrayE  :-	I take shelter of such a Lakshmi Nrsimhan.