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Thiruvaaimozhi 4.3-I am Emperumaan's possession and He is mine!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Mar 22 1998 - 05:43:02 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Emperumaan, it seems, in this decad of Thiruvaaimozhi 4.3, shows Hi self 
to the AzhwAr, who has considered his entire life as Emperumaan only and 
nothing or no one else; AzhwAr also expresses his enjoyment of His mercy 
and grace on the AzhwAr. 

1. nappinnaip piraatti has got the Most beautiful Red coral lips like 
the kovaaip pazham. To get her, KaNNA! You fought with the seven oxen 
and killed them.  You bent Your bow to destroy rAvaNA, the king of 
lankA, surrounded by the four big ramparts. You broke the tusker of the 
elephant "kuvalayaapeetam". Such Great Lord You are; and during those 
avtaars, I had NEVER performed Thiruvaaraadhanam by offering flowers 
with pure water at Your Feet. Even then, You have considered my mind as 
the sandal paste and applied on Your chest. The soft tender, ThirumEni 
of Yours- my mind has become sandal paste for such a Divine Chest! (How 
lucky I am! How fortunate I am!) (This reminds me of Sthothra Rathnam of 
Alavandhaar- "kathaa punas sankha"-When Lord TrivikramA, measured the 
entire universe in His one step, He had touched the entire world with 
His Lotus Feet. Had I lived in any form during that time, I would have 
attained mOksham; but, the very fact that I exist today means I was not 
there; I am so unfortunate! Please place Your Lotus Feet now on my head, 
Oh Lord!)  

2. Emperumaan, is the peerless, unparalleled Vigrahavaan. He is the Eka 
mUrthy. He is the only Iswaran. He ate the entire universe and retained 
them in His stomach and protected the world and spat after; For Him, my 
father, my mind has become His sandal paste. My words are His garland. 
My verses are His Beautiful silk cloth. My humble respects to Him with 
both of my hands are His shining golden ornaments adorned by Him. 

3. Oh NarayNA! The One who is having His yOga nithrA on AdhisEshA in 
ThiruppaaRkadal (Milk Ocean)! You were first one mUrthy; then you became 
two mUrthys, mummUrthys, and then many mUrthys; You became sUrya 
chandRas and the five bhUthAs; You are also formles (aru). For all of 
these, You have become the jIvAtmA. You have made me the place for all 
the articles for performing Thiruvaaraadhanam namely, sandal paste, 
maalai, and all other articles. Since, You have made me useful for You, 
I have NO SORROWS any more. (In this pAsuram, 1. one mUrthy- Emperumman, 
The One before the srushti; The Primordial Chief; 2. Two mUrthys- 
Prakriti, mahaan - having them as His sarIram (Body), 3. Three mUrthys: 
Three ahankaarAs; (sAtvik, rajas, and thamas). 4. Many mUrthys- Satvika 
ahankaara-11 indhriyAs; ThAmasa ahankaarAs- Five bhUthAs; 5. Aru- 

4. KaNNa PerumaanE! To finish You off, bhUthanai, the rAkshasi, had come 
to breast feed You. You, even as an infant, sucked her life along with 
the poisonous milk and killed her. A great wonder! Not only that. You, 
the Beloved of MahAlakshmi, appeared as Vaamanan. (Note. AzhwAr refers 
to Vaama avathaaram and address the Lord as the Beloved of Lakshmi! 
Vaamana hid Her behind the KrishNajinam, which He was wearing as the 
Brahmachari.) During those times, I had NOT paid obeisance to You 
performing ThiruvArAdhanam with garlands of cool fragrant flowers; Yet, 
For Your long haired head, my jIvan has become the garland (How 
fortunate am I!)

5. My father, My Emperumaan, KaNNapiraan, has got the Divine ChakrA in 
His hand. My jIvan (uyir) has become His garland. His countless, 
unbounded Golden ornaments and His shining crown are My love and 
affection towards Him. My love is His PeethAmbharam (His cloth). His 
Keerthy (the glories), the one hailed by the three worlds and dEvAs, is 
also my love for Him.

6. I have been yelling  "NarayanA!, The One who ate and spat the entire 
universe!" so many times and yet, You did not come; Oh EmperumaanE! The 
One who executes the final time cycle! Your Most Beautiful Lotus Feet 
are the decorations on my head (Forehead as ThirumaN SrichoorNam). I 
will always wear them as the decoration on my head. (reciting the 
Pasurams and slokams are difficult; can we not at least do that?)

7. You had measured the entire universe with Your feet! Oh Beautiful 
VaamanA! You enable Those who pray to You with both their hands reach 
You easily- Such a Maayavan are You. I had never paid You respects and 
performed ArAdhanam with fragrant flowers and water; Yet You are taking 
my jIvan (uyir) as Your food; Yoru jOthi swarUpam, the one described in 
VedAs is always on top of my jIvan (uyir). That only means You love me 
so dear.

8. Oh jOthiswarUpi! The knowledge personified! The One who stays in my 
AthmA most willingly! My life is so sweet to You. Your life and 
existence is so sweet to me too. I can NOT tell the exact form in which 
You exist. I have become Your dear and You have become my dear. I have 
become Your possession and You have become mine. (Here it appears his 
disciple asked ALavandhaar " this AthmA of ours is His property and is 
dear to Him. How one can say Emperumaan's AthmA is jIvAthmA's 
possession?" YamunAchAryA responded "When we try and wish Our AthmA to 
belong to Emperumaan, the karmA may become the hurdle and hamper the 
same; But when the SarvEshwaran Himself becomes the jIvAthmA's 
belonging, there can not be a karmA factor that can stop the progress; 
It may strike positive and That will stay permanent." - what a 
taatparyam by Yamuna muni!)   

9. I am totally, completely immersed in Your love for me; But still, I 
can NOT tell and describe Your most auspicious attributes (kalyANa 
guNAs). I am being dragged and carried away by the swift currents of the 
great floods of Your glories and keerthy and when can I reach the shore, 
Oh Lord! I am being caught in choppy waters with terrible swirls of love 
for You amd You are haunting my memories. Oh Blemishless Param poruLE! 
When Great Scholars and bhakthAs (like other members of Bhakti Group) 
hail Your glories, I (madhavakkannan) also join with them and hail Your 
ausicious attributes. 

10. Even if all seven worlds and I join together and hail Your glories, 
it will not suffice and do justice to complete the Glories of Yours; 
Your glories are so limitless and unbounded. Even if He decides to hail 
His glories by Himself, He can not do justice to it and complete. It is 
not possible to describe His glories in such words. Then if you ask "why 
do you hail His glories then?", it si because for my redemption, and for 
my "ujjIvanam", I am hailing His glories. For saving me, He is so 
merciful and He showered so much grace on me, can I stay without hailing 
His glories? (No.) he is so sweet and tasty for me like Honey, Milk, 
Jaggery (Vellam) and nectar. Hence, I hail his Glories.

11. Sri Sadagopar (NammAzhwAr) was born in Thirukkurugoor where there 
are lots of fields and ponds filled with Lotus flowers. He, having found 
that there is only one way for redemption of our soul, that is holding 
the Lord's Lotus Feet firmly, has sung 1000 pAsurams in praise of Him. 
Out of those 1000, those who read these ten will stay in this world with 
great prosperity for a long time (with dheergaayus) and from here they 
will also rule Parama Padham even. 

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam                           

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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