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Re: Axiamatic principle

From: Chandrasekaran. V (
Date: Sat Mar 21 1998 - 11:41:55 PST

Dear members,
   Please accept my heartfelt apologies for posting the mail
regarding the 'supremacy of deities' by which I seem to have 
unknowingly offended some members of this mailing list.
   I deeply respect the principles of this mailing list. I
apologise to the administrator of this list for violating them.
   I forgot about the principles of this list when I realised
the Truth that God is one and only one. As a matter of fact I
didn't have any intention of starting an argument on that matter
by that post. I felt it could bring in some thought into the
Universal Truth. Personally I think I didn't give any impression
in that post in the lines of arguing supremacy. I was actually
only questioning the argument about Supremacy itself. If I 
didn't make my point clear and had offended the members, again
I feel sorry.
   Again the example of "expressing absence of desire for 
the royal crown" Sri Parthasarathy had mentioned only goes along 
with what I had opined in the post. ie. when one has purest, 
unshakeable faith in his bosom for his Supreme Lord why should 
he even ponder over/ reassure/ think and compare with other 
deities? Why should he in other words express the obvious 
explicitly by say, eliciting instances of his Lord establishing 
Supremacy over other deities. Is that the only way one can praise 
the Glories of one's Lord. One can, I strongly believe, meditate 
upon the glories of his Lord and crave for his pAdAra vindham 
without diminishing the glories of other deities. I sincerely
believe so.

   adiyArkku adiyEn,