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Re: RanganAtha Temple Ceremonial Digging

Date: Thu Mar 19 1998 - 17:02:35 PST

I would like to thank Sri Anand (Sri. Narayana Swamy?).... being relatively 
uneducated in the protocol, I'm not sure how to address him...for giving us 
all the experience of participation in the Ceremonial Beginning of Our 
RanganAtha temple. In Srirangam we always heard "Engum surri Ranganai 
Sevi".....and now that I think of it, most of them didn't do the "engum 
surri" part beyond Trichy unless, as is frequent, I'm missing some implied we have an opportunity to honestly say "engum surri Ranganai 
sevithen...". I grew up with annual visits to Srirangam, (and there are some 
luckier people who have grown up living there), to us the Pomona temple 
opens up a whole new world...ah, if we could only direct a small portion of 
the Kavery waters too to this would be closer to the real 
"Bhooloka Vaikuntam"...

His compassion for our priests who brave all types of intemperate climate 
while continuing their kaimkaryam spoke volumes, and along with thanking the 
illustrious people he mentioned, such as the great, learned (and always 
kind) Sri. Sadagopan, I thank Sri. Anand very much for generously sharing 
his own experience and views....It was a very beautiful anubhavam...

Satchittasayee, Bhujagendrasayee....
Neelangasayee, Kamalangasayee....
Ksheeraabdisayee, Ksheerabdisayee...
O... Rangasayee....!

Adiyen (?),
Viji Raghunathan