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Century Old Argument
Date: Tue Mar 17 1998 - 07:31:32 PST

Dear  members,

I would like to add my comments, on the above issue.

Certainly in the present day situation, one should not
argue over the supremacy of  Hindu Gods.
We should unite and  safe guard our religion to the
from the external and internal forces.

But there is a past there is a history.  Most of us  are
ordinary  business people and spend some of our
time  in reading religious books performing poojas etc.

There are great saints like Sri Namalwar, Thiru Mangai Alwar,
Sri Appar, Sri Sundarar .... who lived in the past and have
identified some thing and which is not questionable.

The technologies  like  software concepts can change over
time, not the religion. Bhagwad Gita is still the same.
Holy  Bible is still the same so is Thiru murai and Thiruvai Mozhi.

So instead of  giving  different pictures to the past by giving
some  proverbs or sitthar songs ( which never  formed the base
of neither the Saivam nor the Vaishnavam), we can do whatever
things possible from the present day  perspective to strengthen
our whole society.

Some of the things according to me (which worked out very well
in many places In India)

1) Trying to collect funds for renovation any Hindu temple irrespective
of these affiliations.
2) If our youngsters are attracted towards temples  like Swami Ayyappan
encourage them ( I find still some orthadox vaishnavities as well as
saivities  not recongnizing the Sri Ayyapa worship).
3) Trying to go to all temples around our area especially during the
important days. ( We  will get to know various people and can help within
ourselves  on
religious activities).
4) Trying to totally eradicate the  animosity still exist between our sub
like  Vadakali and Thenkalai. ( How can we  talk of unity when we have
suprem court case  over the Thiruman (Namam) to a elephant of a particular
temple ).


S. Sundar