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Thiruvaaimozhi 3.10- No grievances; No Sorrows; No pains-I have none!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sat Mar 14 1998 - 20:40:26 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In this decad of Thiruvaaimozhi 3.10, AzhwAr is extremely excited and 
happy that he is not like others and he is blessed with His grace of 
singing in praise of Emperumaan. Hence, He also says there is no 
grievance and sorrow for him due to Emperumaan's grace.

1. Emperumaan takes lot of avathaarams to protect and save His bhakthAs. 
He appears in many forms and in many births (of AchAryAs) and enables us 
to see Him (thru' the AchAryAs) with our eyes. He destroys the entire 
battalion of the asurAs by coming on the Divine GarudA and with His 
Strongest weapons of Conch, ChakrA, Saarngham, Maze and Sword. Such Most 
Auspicious Emperumaan - I praise Him and His Glories and hence, I have 
no grievances.

2. KaNNan, The red Lotus Eyed Lord, is having His yOga NithrA on 
AdhisEshA in ThiruppARkadal, the vast, Big, Milk Ocean. He, as the Most 
illustrious Shining MaNickkam, comes on GarudA and destroys the asurAs. 
For me, there is no problem and hurdle for dancing and singing His 

3. SarvEshwaran has got the Most unbounded, limitless, infinite bliss 
and happiness. He has no one equal to Him; He is Peerless; (why to ask 
for superior one? There is no one absolutely!-).He is the mixture and 
sum total of all excellent tastes of vellam , Honey, amirtham, milk, 
fruits, sugarcane etc..(azhwAr says He is all sweet tastes and is "sarva 
rasa:" as described in vEdAs). I pay obeisance to Him, the One who wears 
the honey filled, ThuLsi maalai on His Head. I have no sorrows and 
pains; (Since, AzhwAr does not have any desire for sensual desires and 
materialistic pursuits, he does not have pains associated with such 
(useless) pleasures, that we unfortunately run after).

4. Sri KrishNan once, fought a battle against the vaaNAsuran who 
captured aniruddhan. Sivan and his son Murugan and thereafter agni, 
together came to support and save vaaNAsuran. They were also won over by 
Sri KrishNA and were made to run away by Sri KrishNA. He, the One who 
has the Most Strongest weapon, Divine ChakrA and comes on GarudA. He 
always saves and protects His bhakthAs. Since I have caught hold of Him 
firmly, I have NO Grievances absolutely. 

5. Once, Sri KrishNan took arjun and a Brahmin in His chariot to Parama 
Padham. Within a day and in one muhUrtha nEram, He drove the chariot to 
Sri Vaikuntam and brought the brahmin's sons from there in their 
physical bodies back to the earth. Such Sarva shakthan- Emperumaan Sri 
KrishNan - since, I have taken Him as my refuge, I have become 
"No-Problem" man.

6. Emperumaan at Parama padham is in His Suddha sattva, sorrowless, Most 
Illustrious, Shining form; He also takes the Most Painful manushya 
avathaaram (like Sri RamA) and blesses us, the earthly people with His 
grace. He gives us pains and sorrows (by torturing and haunting our 
memories by showing His Divine Beauty at times) on the earth and ensures 
the presence of His Divine existence amongst us; Such Blemishless 
kaNNapiraan- I have involved myself in His kalyANa guNAs; and hence, 
there is no grievance for me now; 

7. He is the Chief of all worlds; He is the Primordial Chief; He is the 
Chief of heaven and the hell as well. He stands as the antharyaami of 
all beings; He is the leelAvibhUti and is playing in this world; He is 
maayan; _ Such playful Lord, since I have Him with me now, I have no 
sorrows at all.

8. Bhagawaan is the Sorrowless Blissful Emperumaan; He exists everywhere 
with His Most Illustrious, Shining Most Beautiful light. He is always 
happy with His Goddess MahAlakshmi in His chest. He does all actions 
like creation and is the Most unbounded jnAnavaan. (sarvayagnan; sarva 
vallabhan); The One, who does limitless wonders and "aaccharyams" - He 
is KaNNan. I have caught hold of His Lotus Feet firmly and so, there is 
no sorrow for me.

9. Emperumaan is the total personification of complete jnAnam and is 
without any sorrow or grievance. He is the embodiment of total Big, 
Shining Light. Such Emperumaan shows Himself with Thirutthuzhaay maalai 
on His Most Beautiful Divine body. He, with His Great powers and shakti, 
takes various forms and avathaars to bless us in our earthly lives. He 
takes in everything including Sivan and BrahmA and swallows at the end 
of cosmic cycle. Such Most Powerful, Sarvashakthan- Sriman Narayanan, 
the Sriya: Pathih- I have been blessed to have Him in me- and hence, I 
have no worries and "let-downs". 

10. Emperumaan always exists everywhere and He alone is the Primordial 
Chief; He has an unparalleled knowledge (sarva vyapakan and sarvayagnan) 
and is also incomprehensible formless by five indriyas (sense organs). 
The Lord is also of Divine Most illustrious Shining light form and has 
the Most Beautiful Divine ThirumEni. (Body). He has the pancha bhUthAs 
and soorya chandrAs (the Sun and the Moon) as His Body. He is the 
Maayan, KaNNan. I have caught hold of His Feet and hence, there is no 
failure for me hereafter for ever.

11. About the Most Glorious, Most Powerful, Sri KrishNan, Keshavan, 
Thirukkurugoor Sadagopan has sung in praise of 1000 pAsurams; Out of 
those 1000, those who are able to read these ten (and its meanings) will 
be blessed with the Wealth of SrivaishNavam; they will have fame and 
popularity in this earth; they will also be granted mOkshAnubhavam by 
the Lord. Emperumaan will also grant them the position of being the 
Chief of all three worlds.

AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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