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FW: Dayasagara Satakam of Srimad Mukkur Azhagiya Singar verse 9

From: Bharadwaj, Jaganath (
Date: Fri Mar 13 1998 - 15:10:51 PST

>Srimate lakshmi nrsimha ParaBrahmaNE namah:
>SrimAn vEnkatanAthArya kavittArkika kesari VedAntachArya varyome sannidhattAm
>sadA hridi	I
>Sri ranganAtha Satakopa Yateendra drishtam
>lakshmi nrsimha saThajit karuNaika pAtram	I
>Sri rangaveer raghurAT saThakopa hridyam 
>VedAnta deSika yateendram aham prappadye	II
>Sankha ChakrAdi samdiptam kirITa mukuTo jjwalam	I
>sarva bhUshaNa samyuktam dayAsaragam AshrayE 	II
>Srimate SrivaN SaThakopa Sri VedAnta dESika yateendra mahAdEsikAya namah:	II
>Sankha ChakrAdi samdiptam:-	One who has adorned Himself with five weapons for
>the sake of protection of those surrendered to Him.
>kirITa mukuTo jjwalam :-A crown prince who glitters with a brilliant crown
>bedecked with jewels, signifying His lordship over the three worlds matched
>by an equally enchanting and dazzling celestial body.  According to Dharma
>Sastras only those with the capability of ruling over the territory given to
>him under rightful inheritance is entitled to wear a crown.  Sriman Narayana
>as the ruler over all the three worlds wears the most spectacular crown.
>Anyone else wearing a crown does so as an amsam of Vishnu.            
>sarva bhUshaNa samyuktam:-One who takes on the form of the Holy deity adorned
>with ornaments fit to be adorned by the king of kings.
>dayAsaragam:- One who appeared out of gem studded pillar to give a vision of
>Himself,  because of His being the ocean of mercy,      .          AshrayE
>:-	I take shelter of such a Lakshmi Nrsimhan to obtain the benefits all
>pervasive bliss and happiness (sarva mangala siddhi)
>adiyen wishes to acknowledge the invaluable guidance of Sri U. Ve. Kannan
>Swami of Gaithersburg Md, because of whose extensive study at the feet of
>great Acharyas (primarily Thirukkudanthai Andavan) the implication of each
>word used by Srimad Mukkur Azhagiya Singar becomes clear to adiyen. Anyone
>wishing to avail of his knowledge may contact Him on (301) 294-6206 or can
>email to adiyen for transmittal to Sri. Kannan Swami.