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Sri Lakshmi and Sri Durga
Date: Fri Mar 13 1998 - 07:52:44 PST

Dearest Bhaktas,

I was reading the interesting article from Sri. Madhavakannan  on
Sri Durga and Sri  Lakshmi. Also stating that Maha Vishnu and Maheswar
are one on the same.

But As a Vaishnavite a normal person will consider the preachings of
Azwars and Acharyas as their fundamental.
Traditionally Vaishnava Azhwars and Acharyas have devoted their
lot of time in arguments over supremacy of  Sri Maha Vishnu and Sri
There are lot of instances like,
1) Sri Peyalwar, restored the Tirupathi to Vaishnavas .
2) Thrirumazhai Piran had arguments with  sivaites on the same issue.
As evident in the pasuram in Nanmugan Thiru Anthathi,
Eeni Arithen Ezarkum Nonmugarkum Deivam...
3) Thirumangai Azwar argued with great Saiva Nayanmar  and got the
 title Manavel Parakalan.
4) Sri Emperumanar argued with lot of saivites over the same issue.
5) Sri Koorathu Azwan lost his eyes on the same issue with
Choza king.

The above things according to me mean that even  Vaishnava
Acharyas and Azwars have seen, Sriman Narayanan and Sri Siva
as different and there is no reason for their  followers to think

It is always better that one should not argue over these issues especially
in the present Indian context where the unity of ours in the need of the
And it is practised very well in places like Madras were most of the
religious persons  visits every temple  in their locality without any
difference. One should also not forget Kanchi Swamigals effort in the
renovations of so many temples without these differences and in the
uplifting of Hindu society as a whole.

But at the same time we should not the dilute the past with our own

With regards.


S. Sundar