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Durga is Lakshmi- responses/amendments

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 17:03:49 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Thanks for all your encouragement. The post (of sharing my thought) on 
Durga has been received well by the Dearest bhAgawathAs of Sriman 
Naraynan, the Sriya: Pathih. It is all His grace and the Divya 
kataaksham of Sri MahAlakshmi.

Well,  After I sent the post only, I realised that it may possibly be 
mis- interpreted or wrongly conceived. In fact, I was telling my son 
that tomorrow morning (our local time in SíPore), I am going to be 
receiving lot of fire works form the bhAgawathAs.  

Just to share the responses from the devotees of Sri Lakshmi Nrsimha. (I 
apologise to them for posting their personal notes to me in public- It 
is only to throw more light and be better understood ). I am like a 
small 1-2 year old baby blabbering some mazhalai words /statements which 
are more often than not, misunderstood or less understood by 
parents/elders, but are greatly enjoyed by them. That does not mean that 
the Child should be corrected then and there all the time and the bliss 
of listening to mazhalai should be missed by elders nor does that imply 
that we should leave the child as it speaks always; we should correct 
the statement and still enjoy its joLLu filled words.

 I did not learn anything till I joined this group about our 
tradition/philosophy. I learnt few slokas; listened to few upayaasams; I 
merely write and share what I feel . But am of the view that that the 
parent love the Gold medallist degree holder, an obedient, scholar son 
the same extent as they love the little baby of theirs which occupies 
them throughout the day and is so naughty and mischievous.  

Sri P. Dileepan wrote: 

>Immediately Swami snubbed " DurgA ennadA? DurgA? Lakshmi nu sollu. 
>Thaayaaraip patthi paada ennai ennadA kELvi? "  

Thanks for sharing a nice episode.

® adiyEn
Sri Muralidhar Rangaswamy wrote:

The Lakshmi Ashtotaram salutation "Nava DurgAm MahAkalIm Brahma VishNu 
ShivAtmikAm" tends to support your position. 

Namo Narayana,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy
Sri Krishna Kalale wrote:

This view should be taken with some more details of our philosophy.
Quoting Acharya with an incident such as this does not completely 
Acharya's views.  Knowing 44th jeer who is an authority on Sribhasya, it 
clear that Acharya referred to Durga as Lakshmi just as how Lakshmi
sahasranama has durga etc as other names for her.  This does not 
identify Lakshmi and Durga.  I do not have any discriminatory view on 
dieties. I am just blindly reflecting the views of visistadvaita 
showered on me (probably without absorbing them properly or mixing up 
of my own views!).  This identity between Lakshmi and Durga is not
absolute***.  It is as equivalent as God and man are one and the same. 
Tat Tvam Asi.

One needs to understand "sarira sariri bhava" before knowing what
"aikya-shrutis" (one which equates God and rest) mean and what "bheda
srutis" (one differentiates God and rest) mean.

the issue you have posted can be mistaken widely by 100s of others.
I am worried for the sake of others on the net who may be misguided by 
such postings of identity.
(KrishNA! It is so lovely to call you with such a sweet name of yours. 
You have always been encouraging me on my posts. Thanks for your 
excellent interpretation. Thanks for pointing out a probable 
Instead of my words, I have re-posted your words in public. )

Is it possible to succeed in speaking and doing justice about Your 
Glories, MathA, MahAlakshmi! (seerithyEvacha... twayam- chatuslOki).

As per ThirukkuRaL,
Naghuthal poruttanRu nattal mighudhikkaN
mERchenRu iditthar poruttu. 
Means: Laughing at someone is not friendship. It is going to him and 
"iditthal" i.e correcting him is friendship.  Thanks, friend.

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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