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Muthangi Kaimkaryam Final report

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 16:34:18 PST

Dear BhakthAs of Bhumi Devi SamEtha ThiruviNNagaran :

It gives me great joy to thank every one of you
who have sent checks (21) or in the process of 
sending checks (6) for the Mutthangi MahA kaimkaryam 
for the Uthsavars of AakAsa Nagaram .

The total amount of funds received sofar 
from 21 BhakthAs is $1,388 ( Rupees 51,356 at
the exchange conversion rate of 37 Rupees to a Dollar ).
We are awaiting additional checks to the total of $255 from 
six more BhakthAs , which is equivalent to Rupees 9435.
The total would then be Rupees 60,791 , when all the 
remaining checks are received . I will forward this
amount in  a week's time or send whatever that is received 
by that time. Today , we have $1,388 ( Rs.51,356 ) on hand .

I can not thank you enough for your generous support of this 
magnificient Kaimkaryam . It is just like the squirrels 
collecting sands on their bodies to help build the 
Raama Sethu. In  this instance , it is the pearls instead of 
the grains of sand that goad the Oysters to create 
the pearls . 

May the Divya Dampathis' blessings
be with all of you and your families . May their 
blessings be with every member of this precious
group , which supports so many kaimkaryams ,
many times anonymously . May MahA Lakshmi 
continue to shower wealth on every one of You to continue 
your tradition of Bhagavadh/Bhaagavatha Kaimkaryams.

Following are the names of those , who have sent their 
checks so far or have pledged support(alphabetical Order):

1. Sriman Rajesh BharadvAj of Illinois
2. Sriman Jaganath Bharadwaj and 
   Srimahti Sangeetha Bharadwaj of Virginia
3. Sriman T.R.Govindarajan and Srimathi
   Sumithrarani Govindarajan of New Jersey
4. Sriman Vijayaraghavan Jayakrishna of New York
5. Sriman Anand K.Karalapakkam
6. Sriman Ram Kesavan 
7. Sriman Narasimhan Krishnamachari and
   Srimathi Kalyani Krishnamachari of Illinois
8. Sriman and Srimathi Madhavakkannan of Singapore
9. Sriman Geeyarpuram Nadadur Mathavan and 
   Srimathi Vaidehi Madhavan of Virginia 
10.Sriman B.T. Mohan Sagar and 
   Srimathi Madhuri Mohan R.Sagar of Colorado
11.Sriman Ramagopal V. Mudumbi and 
   Srimathi Padmavathi Mudumbi of Idaho
12.Srimathi Deepa Narayanan of Arizona 
13.Sriman Raghavan Rajaji and 
   Srimathi Vimala Rajaji of Texas
14.Srimathi Vijayalakshmi Raghunathan and 
   Sriman Parthasarathy Raghunathan of California
15.Sri Sriram Ramanujam and 
   SrimathiPreethi Ramanujam of Ohio
16.Sriman Chatari S.Ramesh and 
   Srimathi T.V. Sudha Ramesh of Colorado
17.Sriman Muralidhar Rangaswamy and 
   Shalini Rangaswamy of Massachusetts
18.Sriman Govindarajan Rengarajan of Texas
19.Sriman V.Sadagopan
20.Sriman Balaji Soundararajan of California
21.Sriman Ramesh Sarangapani of Delaware
22.Sriman Srikanth of Maryland
23.Sriman Lakshmi Srinivas of Massachusetts 
24.Sriman Cadambi Sriram of Canada
25.Sriman and Srimathi Madurai G.Sriram of California
26.Srimathi Manjula Sriram and 
   Sriman Sriram of Wisconsin 
27.Sriman Muralidhar Vanamamalai and 
   Srimathi Vijayalakshmi Vanamamalai of Delaware 

Sriman Sampath Rengarajan of Michigan has agreed to
undertake the onerous responsibilities of reproducing 
and sending the copies to each of you of the two tapes on 
the Divya Dampathis of AakAsa Nagaram . He is absorbing
all those expenses . A special Thanks to You ,
Sri Sampath Rengarajan for your valued kaimkaryam
on behalf of all of the recipients of the audio tapes .

April 15 is the special day , when the MaaNiccka Kondai
kaimkaryam , Maragatha KiLi and the braided golden
Jatakothsu will be presented to Sri Bhumi Devi ,
the consort of Sri AakAsa Nagareesan . That is 
also the day of PattabhishEkam /KanakAbhshEkam 
for Sri SithA samEtha Sri Ramachandran as a part
of the final day celebrations of the Sri Raama Navami
celebrations at Oppiliappan Koil . 

We hope to get the Mutthangi kaimkaryam started 
as soon as our contributions arrive in Chennai 
and will keep you posted on the news about
completion of the stitching of the angis . 
These special angis done by tradional experts 
in this art are expected to be ready for 
SamarpaNam on either the Iyppasi SravaNam 
during thier KalyANOthsavam or 
on Kaisika EkAdasi day of the new Tamil year
( October-NOvember , 1998 ) .

namO NaarAyaNAyA ,
Daasaanu Daasan 
Oppilaippan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan