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Durga is Lakshmi

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 01:11:13 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

I was browsing the Bhakti Archives- Sep 96 posts and I was pulled in to 
a great extent on the excellent discussion on Durga for a query from Sri 
Vijay Srinivasan. 

While I completely agree on the Parathvam of Our deatest Lord Sriman 
Narayanan, I would like to post an incident (that I remember) on this 

During 80's (mid-eighties), when I was working for BHEL Trichy, and I 
was staying at Srirangam, we(Sri Vaishnavas, working in BHEL and staying 
at Srirangam- about 100 of us) used to contribute and organise a 
DOLOTHSAVAM for MalOlan at Ahobila Mutt in the presence of H.H Ahobila 
Mutt Jeer, (the 44 th pattam)- whom we used to love listening to for His 
inimitable style of upanyaasam (and scoldings at us, too) on the 1st of 
May every year. (I donot know if it is still continued). 

One particular year, the utsavam went off well. and we all listened to 
His upanyaasam wherein  He was streesing the neccessity of performing 
the daily anushtanams like trikaala sandhyavandhanams. then two iyer 
girls (who were brought in for their sweet voices) sang karnatic songs 
in mohanam and kalyANi. Swami asked them to sing Neelambhari also. (may 
be that was Swami's favourite raagham or perhaps He wanted to make 
Malolan sleep as it was already 9 p.m) The two school girls were 
literally shivering and scarred since they knew only one song in 
Neelambhari and that too on Durga. They disclosed in a whisper to a 
nearby male member who in turn informed politely with repect and fear as 
well ( as to what and how Swami will react). I was also sitting just in 
front of Swami. Swami could not hear first time and he repeated the 

Immediately Swami snubbed " DurgA ennadA? DurgA? Lakshmi nu sollu. 
Thaayaaraip patthi paada ennai ennadA kELvi? "  

Everything is KrishNA. the right side of Naraynana is Sivan. Murugan is 
the sEnApathi as per GitA. BrahmA is in Navel and the Goddess Lakshmi 
(Durgai) is in His chest. (In fact, there is also Lakshmi Durgai 
sannidhi(?) at Thirukkoviloor).

Just a share of thought.  

(It will dilute the content if I write the meaning of Swami's reply in 
English- Those who do not know Tamil, please ask someone who 

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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